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BLLA Releases the 2020 Boutique Hotel Sentiment Survey

Owners and operators share their thoughts, facts and figures on this unprecedented year of the pandemic. Maintaining their independent spirit and unc...

Owners and operators share their thoughts, facts and figures on this unprecedented year of the pandemic. Maintaining their independent spirit and unconventional thinking was pertinent.

The Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association (BLLA), continues to meet its goal of providing clarity to the boutique hotel industry through research and surveys. This 8th annual Boutique Hotel Sentiment Survey included questions relating to operational changes addressing COVID-19 as well as having a shorter questionnaire, factoring in the industry’s intense challenges this year. 

This theme of the Survey, ‘Dare to Adapt,’ has never before been more relevant than it is now.  The year 2020 has brought challenges from every perspective, insurmountable to some. While the hospitality industry remained one of the hardest hit throughout the pandemic, it is our innate ability to adapt as an industry that will launch us into a strong recovery, even if it takes time. 

The ability to recover had been woven into the fabric of what makes us boutique. It is now paramount to employ that essence of boutique, adapting to the unprecedented circumstances we face, to save what we are able to and for those in a better position, to enhance our spaces, review our policies and procedures, and connect to our past and future customers in a thoughtful yet experiential way. 

The data gathered from the BLLA Hotel Sentiment Survey allows us to answer questions any keen hospitality professional should be asking themselves: How does my business compare to others during the challenges of this year? What might my biggest challenges for recovery in 2021 be? And what does financing look like in the rest of the industry at this particular point in time?

All these questions and more are dictated in our annual survey. BLLA is committed to arming our boutique sector for recovery with an analysis of the industry and guidance of how to best proceed. The association thanks those who participated as well as the Sponsors of the Survey namely C2C Designs and Lutron Electronics. Inquire here about purchasing the Survey. 

Being the original organization for boutique hotels and businesses since 2009, The Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association was created to unify, empower, educate and advocate for a growing community of creators within the dynamic realm of the boutique lifestyle—not only establishing and maintaining industry standards, but boldly advancing its cultural impact and category innovation.

BLLA firmly believes that increasing access to this valuable and strategic information can help ensure the burgeoning independent boutique lifestyle continues to thrive. By ensuring that both individual member owners and companies as well as a curated list of service providers, receive support and assistance, research and guidance, BLLA strengthens the organization as well as the industry itself. 

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