Boutique Wellness and Business Lessons

by | Jan 11, 2020

Watch Lisa Odenweller, Founder of Beaming and Kroma Superfoods discuss her journey as a Female Founder.

Lisa spoke at the 2019 Female Empowerment Conference in Los Angeles. 

Lisa was interviewed by BLLA Founder, Frances Kiradjian. 

Lisa Odenweller is, if anything, a living example of female strength and resilience.  She founded Beaming, now one of California’s most established juice concepts, with minimal funding from within her own home, all while amid a divorce.  Lisa’s passion and philosophical view of food as medicine allowed her to create a boutique wellness brand accessible not only to those who swear by a “juice cleanse,” but to anyone interested in a more healthful lifestyle.  Stay Boutique talks to Lisa about the experience of launching a renowned boutique business, knowing when to leave what you’ve built, and beginning the new venture Kroma with new perspective.

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