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Allbridge is the trusted partner to help your property deliver One Connected Experience to your customers with all data, video, and voice technologies.

Managing IT systems today is more complicated than ever with advancing consumer technology, aging infrastructure, multiple suppliers and vendors, and corporate guidelines colliding. Allbridge offers a simple answer – a single partner who can support the entire network from design and procurement to installation and ongoing maintenance. With combined expertise in data, video, and voice – and strong relationships with all the major suppliers – Allbridge delivers a truly integrated system that can scale to your needs, reduce your capital expenditures, and free your staff to focus on your internal IT priorities.

Allbridge custom designs and implements converged network solutions. Services include high-speed Internet access, Wi-Fi networks, free-to-guest television programming and digital satellite TV systems, IPTV platforms, over-the-top content delivery and casting solutions, and both cloud-hosted and on-premise PBX voice solutions.

Providing an exceptional customer experience requires not only meeting, but exceeding the expectations of your guest, which is why Allbridge offers products designed specifically for the Hospitality industry.

Skyway is the industry’s most powerful network service portal developed by Allbridge, and the control and analytics portal offers real-time monitoring of the network to ensure optimal system health. The dashboard is accessible remotely so that you can access on other devices throughout the hotel. Additionally, the Conference Tool allows for splash page customization and simplifies event management for large groups.

Allbridge Entertainment is a fully customizable, interactive IPTV solution with over-the-top (OTT) streaming and casting capabilities, as well as its own mobile app. It is one of the fastest cloud-based applications in the industry, designed with a multitude of features to enhance your guests’ stay.

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