Mews Systems

Prague, Czech Republic

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Mews: a PMS. A booking engine. A concierge. A payment gateway. A kiosk. A housekeeping app. And more. All in one.

Designed and built by former hoteliers, our product is unique in today’s crowded PMS market. Mews offers hospitality professionals an incredibly intuitive, open, cloud-based system which automates operations so that they can fully focus on spending more time with their guests. Simply put, it offers an unrivalled user experience, and acts as a property’s nervous system.

What really makes Mews stand out?

Exceptional, user-focused design: The intuitive interface of the Mews Commander dashboard is super easy to navigate, and was designed by former hoteliers, for today’s modern day hoteliers.

Automation: The Mews Operator kiosk app automates and speeds up the check-in process for both guests and hoteliers, making long queues at reception a thing of the past. Fast, free, efficient and guest-centric. Equally efficient is the Mews Merchant, which allows users to move from offline to online payments, making payment automation a reality.

The Mews Marketplace: Our real-time app store offers users unlimited accessibility to a unique ecosystem of powerful integrations which they can plug directly into their PMS and begin using in under 30 minutes.

And to top it off? Mews is fully mobile, allowing users to manage their PMS from any device at any time, wherever they are.

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