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Mogul is an innovative minority and female-led tech company that evaluates and matches talent with employers in the hospitality field. The alternative platform is a selective and privately-curated recruitment search engine for elite talent in the top 10% of the GM category globally. Skift, a trending news agency, describes Mogul as a pioneer leading the next wave of travel startups, using a cloud-based recruitment tool for hoteliers, paired with the latest data, analyzing records of 1.5 million hospitality workers worldwide, with a half-million in the U.S. Prioritizing customers’ desires to help businesses operate more efficiently, MogulRecruiter identifies top performers in the service industry from a diverse pool of the ‘creme-de-la-creme’ for efficient hiring practices and accelerated diversity.

Coined “the LinkedIn for hospitality hiring,” MogulRecruiter is reshaping the talent marketplace to create added value for employers. The technology is uniquely designed to recruit property-level managerial talent with the following innovations: • Diverse Elite Talent: Proprietary algorithms source and rank a diverse pool of top talent made up of 50% women and 33% minorities. • Hospitality-Specific Matching System: The advanced search engine uses variables unavailable on generic job sites such as brand experience, product segments, ownership, and real estate types to match candidates with jobs. • Efficient and Private Communication: Employers initiate private conversations with talent without public job boards or the distractions of social media and advertising.

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