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rezStream offers an Ecosystem of technology tools that make better lodging simplified. We drive better topline revenue, and better bottom-line results. Our tools target the entire guest journey from how consumers research lodging, make purchase decisions, communicate with hotels, travel, stay, and behave after their trip concludes. By helping hoteliers invest in every stage of that journey, we help independent hotels run better and generate more revenue.

The rezStream Ecosystem of lodging tools consists of digital marketing to increase online visibility, an ADA website and commission free online booking engine to drive more direct bookings, and a Cloud-based property management system to automate and streamline daily operations. Our team partners with you to help you nurture your business and control your success with pro-active 90-day success reviews.

With occupancy at an all-time low and the need to acquire more business at an all-time high, finding a trusted partner that leverages the entire guest journey makes a difference. So, what makes rezStream unique? We combine our ecosystem of lodging tools with superior service and a proven return on investment to create a powerful offering. Our 5-step rezStream process of discovery, demonstration, success plan, on-boarding, and success assurance makes every step of the way easy and ensures that we are the right fit for you. And we back it all up with our guarantee: Love it, or your money back.

Our CEO, Christian Holmsen, has had two family members who were boutique hotel owners. rezStream has worked closely with independent hoteliers for two decades. We know firsthand what it takes to deliver quality lodging and stay competitive in the hospitality industry. By carefully listening to and understanding independent lodging we have developed our Ecosystem of lodging tools to meet their needs and deliver results.

One of 72 Leaders Who Have Made an Unforgettable Mark in the Industry
๐Ÿ˜ƒ Charles Khabouth- Founder and CEO, Ink Entertainment

As the operator of INK Entertainment since 1982, Charles has always been driven to take festivals, galleries, events, nightclubs, hotels, and restaurants to a level that introduces guests to the things they want before they even know they want them. He believes that boutique brands can propel the hotel industry forward by challenging the status quo. โ“ How do you successfully operate a boutique hotel today? 
โ“What are some best practices for securing fruitful relationships with third party operators? 
โ“How does operating a boutique hotel differ from that of a big brand? 

Hear from BLLA Advisory Board Members, David Bowd of Salt Hotels and Rob Blood of Lark Hotels, as they chat with the community about the
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2021 Boutique Hotel Investment conference will take place on June 2-3 (Digitally)
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๐Ÿ˜ƒ Scott Gerber - Principal and CEO, Gerber Group @gerbergroup

With his opening of The Whiskey at the Paramount Hotel in 1991, Scott Gerber began an illustrious career reinventing what it meant to open a โ€œhotel bar.โ€ Now, Gerber Group owns and operates a wide variety of bars and restaurants, many of which have further redefined the hospitality industry with innovative dining concepts and curated beverage programs. His creative, unique take on dining and nightlife has truly helped to establish the definition of boutique when it comes to F&B