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Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Satellite Office is a branding agency designing authentic and expressive identities for boutique hotels and restaurants.


At the heart of a loved brand, at the core of a remarkable campaign, is a truth, sometimes surprising, often spellbinding, that speaks authentically & resonates powerfully. Let’s discover your beautiful truth.

We are believers in the power of a singular creative vision for a property. Often this comes from the founder—and reflects an auteur, cinematic view of what a property can be. It also comes from the artful comprehension of business drivers—the marketplace, property strengths, competitive & consumer trends—creatively synthesized into a magnetic, beautiful truth that stands firm in the hotel’s revealed purpose, novel point of view, and creative excellence.


We design layered, rich identity systems that differentiate and evolve delightfully through out the guest journey. We offer:

-Hospitality Brand Strategy & Identity Design

-Interactive Design

-Social Media Management & Content Production

-Design of signature, sharable hotel experiences

We work in an integrated fashion, we are your Satellite Office.


The Chateau Grande Hotel (New Jersey), Villa Beluno (Patagonia), Provenance Hotels (Oregon), Tavern on the Green (NYC), The Anvil Hotel (Jackson Hole), Cotton House Hotel (Barcelona), Hotel Gran Via (Madrid), La Fontaine café (Paris), Orchard Park (a David Burke restaurant). Creative partners include Noho Communication and Studio

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🌟 Leader Spotlight: In 2004, Jonathan Falik founded @jfcapitaladvisors, “a strategic and capital structure advisory firm focused on the hospitality industry.”

“As both an advisor and a principal, Jonathan has worked on numerous completed M&A and financing transactions involving well over 2,000 hotels and over $25 billion of transaction value. He has extensive experience with acquisitions and dispositions of public and private companies, asset management restructurings, portfolio sales and single asset sales, equity and debt financing, high yield financing and mortgage financing. He has extensive hospitality experience as an agent, advisor, principal, owner, borrower, guarantor, franchisee, lender and asset manager.”

Jonathan is also a BLLA Council member! ☀️ Hotel Member Spotlight: Located in Kingston, New York @huttonbrickyards is “a rambling and imaginative retreat for getaways, experiences and events. Genuine relaxation and deep connections to nature abound through luxury cabins, elevated cuisine, spa, outdoor activities and uninterrupted waterfront vistas.”

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