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Strategic Response Partners

Los Angeles, United States

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Since 1989 Strategic Response Partners has been dedicated to helping organizations respond quickly, efficiently, and appropriately to rapidly changing disaster-related situations that may impact their business and properties. Our Disaster Response Team is ready and well equipped to support clients in preparing for all types of disasters including wind, hail, fire, water, explosion, collapse, tornadoes, pandemics and hurricanes just to name a few. Whether it is prior to any disaster or immediately following, we are your best source for mitigating losses from these and other natural disasters.

Strategic Response Partners (SRP) stands ready to assist clients nationally to prepare to safely reopen and stay open from Compliance Planning, Decontamination, Sanitization, and Environmental Remediation Protocols following the COVID-19 Federal, State and Local guidelines. With decades of experience in routine biological and environmental remediation, SRP is well-equipped to handle critical situations like this. Our team analyzes and establishes procedures from the guests’ registrations, employee and tenant arrival procedures, architectural social distancing compliance design, pass through touchpoints, ThermoGate clearance barriers, capacity compliance, workstation partitions, disinfecting extended kill rates, sanitization protocols, ventilation retrofits to prevent cross-contamination, hazmat vendor selection and monitoring of remediation protocols. Through the use of the latest advanced disinfectant equipment, as well as CDC / EPA approved cleaning solutions, SRP along with its Certified Environmental Infection Control Experts can effectively oversee and monitor the cleaning and sanitization of your property, as well as provide you with a safe-to-reoccupy clearance certificate which can bring your facility to a hospital-grade clean room condition.

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