Berlin, Germany

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SuitePad is the number one producer of hotel room tablets and related hotel room technology products. They currently serve over 1000 hotels across 30 countries, amounting to over 60,000 hotel rooms worldwide.

SuitePads are specifically designed for use in hotel rooms. They feature security and theft protection, are highly customizable, and can be remotely updated by the hotel staff as often as needed. Staff no longer need to go from room to room, replacing outdated collateral, or take room service orders by phone—all this is automated using SuitePad’s digital hotel room tablets.

The Digital Guest Directory

SuitePad’s flagship product, the Digital Guest Directory, is specifically designed to meet the requirements of a traditional guest directory for modern hotel guests. Guests can explore what the hotel has to offer, book tables at the restaurant or treatments at the spa, and order room service at the touch of a button using the touchscreen tablet in their room.

The digital guest directory offers a whole new dimension to the hotel and guest relationship. As well as offering guests more convenient channels of communication with the hotel staff, hotel staff can send out push notifications to guests, presenting them with targeted offers or notifying and reminding them of hotel information. Ultimately, this results in happier guests and increased sales revenues for the hotel.

SuitePad Phone

SuitePad Phone is the modern answer to the hotel room telephone. It allows you to get rid of the clunky old hotel room telephone system and replace it with a digital VoIP solution that runs directly through SuitePad’s hotel room tablets. SuitePad Phone generates cost-savings by saving on hardware costs and the upkeep of aging internal telephone systems. Best of all, it’s easy to use and your guests will find it much better than outdated telephone systems!

SuitePad TV Control

Modern hotel guests expect modern hotel entertainment solutions. Hotel TV remotes get lost, run out of battery, and are harborers of dirt and bacteria. SuitePad TV control is an easy-to-use, modern solution for hotel guests that expect their hotel to offer useful digital solutions. Guests can filter TV channels by language or genre, so they don’t need to spend their precious time needlessly scrolling through channels they’re not interested in.


SuitePad’s latest solution, SuiteCast, allows guests to stream content from their own devices to the widescreen TV in their room. It’s a quick and cost-effective way for hoteliers to upgrade their hotel TVs to smart TVs. There’s no need to purchase new equipment—just plug in the SuiteCast and go!

SuitePad BYOD

SuitePad Bring Your Own Device offers your hotel guests their SuitePad interface on their own devices. They can check out updated hotel information and discover exciting things to do in the local area while they’re on the go.

About SuitePad

Based in Berlin, SuitePad was founded in 2012 and has a team of over 60 employees. In January 2021, SuitePad was named by HotelTechReport as the best guest room tablet for the second year running.

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