Woodhead Studio

Austin, Texas, USA


Woodhead Studio is a branding agency focused on crafting bespoke messaging and brands for boutique hospitality clients.

People are increasingly more discerning with where and how they spend their time, so the art and science of placemaking is more important than ever. Our proven approach is informed by a guiding universal truth, “people want to be a part of something special and have great stories to tell.” The Studio comes in at the ground floor to collaborate with owners, investors, and multidisciplinary stakeholders to curate places that people flock to, talk about, and want to share with others.

Our comprehensive process includes an engaging discovery session tailored for hotel stakeholders to participate in lively discussion, exploration, and exercises. The array of invaluable insights gathered during a session begets hotel messaging (hotel name, tagline, who we are, who we’re talking to, guest personas, core values, and brand personality) that leads to a truly inspired brand identity (logo, color palette, patterns, photography, typography, and iconography). Ultimately, stakeholders are armed with a “true north” for their brand that informs everything from website content and marketing campaigns to on-site amenities and programming ideas.

Woodhead Studio founder Jessie Woodhead has 20+ years of experience in branding and writing and has a passion for hospitality placemaking.