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5 Ways to Make Your Boutique Hotel “Instagrammable”

Creativity is the bloodline of boutique hotels. Targeting younger groups, especially Gen Z Influencers, is extremely important to building brand repu...

Creativity is the bloodline of boutique hotels. Targeting younger groups, especially Gen Z Influencers, is extremely important to building brand reputation and growing online demand. Boutique hoteliers are encouraged to showcase their property on TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. While we encourage boutique properties to grow their presence on those sites, it’s just as important to support users of said sites when they visit your property. Instagram Influencers are a hugely influential group online, and they’re flocking to boutique hotels for their unique flair.

Advertise your hotel as an Instagram-worthy retreat for social media stars and average users alike. Below are five ways boutique hotels can target social media users:

1. Design Eye-Catching Displays

Hotels can use digital signage to create engaging displays in common areas throughout the hotel. Utilize otherwise unoccupied spaces like hotel libraries and unused ballrooms for immersive art displays. Feature local artists and encourage guests to tag them in any photos they may post on their social media.

Dream Hollywood uses an immersive NFT display, The Crypt Gallery, to draw guests into an interactive art gallery.

2. Host Local Events

Pools, rooftop bars, and large courtyards are great places to host local artists and events. Immerse guests in the local culture with music or art from the region. Hoteliers can advertise these events using their Instagram to draw in locals and guests alike. Encourage artists to promote the event on their social media pages with a unique hashtag.

The Standard – East Village NYC hosts a DJ event, “Live from the 212” in their NO BAR. The event is described as, “a musical night reflecting the cultural melting pot that is New York City.”

3. Get Creative

Design activities for guests to get creative and use their talents to engage with local art. The Standard – East Village, NYC, for instance, offers creative activities hosted by locals to engage guests. These events, called Expression in the East Village: Complimentary Creative Workshops, include creativity-centered activities like flower arranging or fashion illustrating.

After guests perform the activity, they get to keep their art and can display it on their social media pages. Create a unique hashtag to garner even more attention to the experience.

4. Draw in History Buffs

Many boutique hotels host historic events and gatherings like Afternoon Tea by The Hermitage Hotel. A tribute to the women’s suffrage movement, events like Afternoon Tea are a great way for guests to immerse themselves in the hotel’s history. Advertise these unique experiences with an interactive event calendar and engaging digital signage throughout the hotel.

5. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

It’s great to host and design an engaging event, but it’s equally important to showcase and advertise the event to hotel guests. Digital signage is essential to draw guests into these activities and ignite their curiosity.

Digital signage platforms are user-friendly, with easy-to-use event calendars and interactive displays. Remind guests of event-specific information with common-area digital signage.

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