What is BLLA

Our Mission

What is the Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association?

The BLLA was created to unify, empower, educate and advocate for a growing community of creators within the dynamic realm of boutique lifestyle—not only establishing and maintaining industry standards, but boldly advancing its cultural impact and category innovation.

We are your voice and your megaphone. We are your home and your launching pad. A catalyst for trends and unapologetic pioneer, the BLLA is where the best in boutique gathers to become better—from hoteliers and hospitality entrepreneurs to visionaries in retail, fashion, beauty, fitness, and beyond.

Boutique is powerful. Boutique is captivating. And above all, boutique is a global movement that we are proud to lead. Our mission? To counteract corporate monotony and champion creativity. To forget the forgettable and forge the once-in-a-lifetime. To break down doors and link the most brilliant minds in the industry. To build on our now 14-year legacy of reimagining the multifaceted future of boutique—together.

Who We Are

Founded in 2009, the Boutique Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA) is the voice of the world’s independent boutique hotels.

The association was founded in response to a demand for a collective voice for this fragmented industry. Today the association has members around the world. As the lifestyle industry sees an ever-increasing demand from discerning boutique-seeking clients, BLLA is primarily dedicated to creating greater economic success for independent hotel owners by helping them level the playing field against larger brands and chains.

We have verified over 10,000 authentic boutique hotels around the world (following the guidelines and categories listed here) and we are working with nearly 200 hotels closely with the BLLA-intensive program.

Goals And Benefits

Through BLLA, members can find expert resources to address any of their needs—including digital and print marketing & sales professionals, technology providers, architects, interior designers, food & beverage vendors, laundry design/purchasing consultants and others.

Association members benefit from distribution channels as well as boutique specific resources, marketing tools, news and information. BLLA serves as the go-to destination for everything boutique and lifestyle-related.

Our members finally have a resource that understands their specific needs and niche market.

In addition, members benefit from access to research papers, webinars, industry reports, marketing tools, and news and information specific to boutique businesses and their suppliers.

BLLA was founded in answer to the expressed need for the industry’s collective voice.


"Frances and Ariela have founded and now run the best, most engaging, and most effective community of owners and operators of independent and lifestyle hotels. I mean it sincerely and am delighted to endorse the tremendous and fantastic work they are doing for the Boutique and Lifestyle hotel industry."

Romy Bhojwani, Director of Hospitality Analytics, CoStar Group

"Fran and Ariela are legendary in our industry for playing the leading role bringing boutique and lifestyle hotels together into an association, expanding upon that foundation, running seminal events in the industry and evolving into exciting new and relevant directions, including recently relaunching StayBoutique as a booking and media platform."

Stuart Greif, Executive VP, Chief Strategy, Innovation & Operating Officer, Forbes Travel Guide

“BLLA is the premier organization for independent hoteliers, bringing together a bespoke group of industry peers hyper-focused on thinking outside of the box. For first-time hoteliers or those established but hoping to gain traction in the independent arena, I would highly recommend BLLA as an organization."

Michael Kitchen, Partner, Aparium Hotel Group

"I think BLLA has provided a great platform for all of the boutique industries to come together with the goal of broadening the reach of independent, unique concepts."

Javier Egipciaco, Managing Director, Arlo Hotels

"We are so grateful for BLLA and the wonderful community they’ve been able to create around the boutique community and lifestyle. “As a fairly new boutique investment & hospitality group, they have welcomed us with open arms and provided so many great connections and resources that have positively impacted us."

Lance Helfert, Principal, Montecito Venture Partners

"Huge fan of what you guys do for our industry."

Brian De Lowe, Co-Founder & President, Proper Hospitality

"You are all about boutique hotels and creativity and for that I thank you!"

Jacques Olivier Chauvin, CEO, Fauchon Hotels

"To the BLLA Leadership and Organization. Thank you! Anything for the BLLA!"

Ian Schrager, Founder, Ian Schrager Company

"Thank you, Fran and Ariela, for keeping up the good fight and preserving what makes our industry so special. We are proud to be in your corner!"

Curtis Crimmins, Founder, Roomza

"I just wanted to say hello to tell you that the film archives of conferences on BLLA (for members) are an absolute gold mine. I have only watched 15-20% of the content that is available and it's super informative! This is helping me think differently about my hotel project and my vision."

Jinesh Patel, Up and coming boutique hotel owner

“A great piece Frances… just one and a long list of thank yous for making sure that this information & relevant topics get seen by our independent audiences. Your dedication, hard work, and attention to detail have tremendously influenced the industry, and I genuinely thank you.”

Anthony Ruffino, Task Force Management, Carver Hotel Group