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Elevate your brand in the Boutique Hospitality sector! Since 2009, BLLA has been the definitive voice for boutique and independent hotels, accrediting over 10,000 unique properties worldwide. By sponsoring BLLA, you align your business as a key contributor to the leaders who have revolutionized the hospitality industry. This is an unmatched opportunity for vendors and suppliers to be associated with the cutting-edge phenomena that have reshaped global hospitality. Be part of the change – sponsor BLLA today

the BLLA Family
the BLLA Family

Explore the BLLA options that work best for you.

We offer specialized programs for vendors, suppliers and businesses that sell products or services to hotels. We exclusively work with top-tier, thoroughly evaluated partners delivering premier solutions in the industry.

Welcome to BLLA, the Heart of Boutique Hospitality

At the Boutique Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA), we're dedicated to championing, supporting, and nurturing the boutique hospitality sector. Since our inception, we have become the leading voice for independent and boutique properties worldwide, creating a vibrant community that redefines luxury and uniqueness in the hospitality industry.

Why Work With BLLA?

Unparalleled Exposure: Align your brand with BLLA and gain visibility among industry leaders, innovators, and decision-makers in the boutique hospitality sector.

Thought Leadership: Position your brand as a thought leader by contributing to discussions that shape the future of boutique hospitality.

Targeted Marketing: Leverage our tailored marketing strategies to reach your ideal audience, maximizing your brand's impact and engagement.

Supporting Innovation: By working with BLLA, you play a pivotal role in fostering innovation and growth in the boutique hospitality industry.

Showcase Your Products & Services to a Tailored Audience: Work with independent, boutique hotels who are looking to buy and show your products, and establish strong, long-term partnerships.


We offer a variety of packages, each designed to meet your marketing goals and budget. From event sponsorships to year-round partnerships, there's an opportunity for every level of commitment.

Our packages levels are:

Option 1 - Premier Partnership

Option 2 - Premier Plus Partnership

Option 3 - Gold Partnership

Option 4 - Platinum Partnership

Option 5 - Inner Circle Partnership

Once you apply for BLLA partnership, the team will review your application and get back to you within seven business days regarding your status. Please remember we only accept vendors/suppliers/partners who qualify to provide products and services to boutique hotels.

Note that we also offer an opportunity to purchase a marketplace listing alone which is offered at an annual fee with a signed negotiated rate and referral agreement.

For networking opportunities, we invite you to join our in-person events held throughout the year!

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Embrace the opportunity to be at the forefront of the boutique hospitality movement. Partner with BLLA and transform the way your brand is perceived in the industry.

For more information on levels and benefits, or to discuss a custom package, please contact us at

Together, Let's Shape the Future of Boutique Hospitality.

BLLA Partnership Benefits

Marketplace Specific Benefits



Gain premier visibility among elite boutique hoteliers


Unlock Cost-Effective Marketing Solutions with a Minimal Upfront Fee

Targeted specifically for boutique hoteliers


A Select Circle Tailored for the Best in Boutique Hospitality

Join our exclusive group of best-in-class vendors and suppliers


Partner with BLLA to Craft Your Personalized Listing Page

A distinctive space reflecting your brand's unique identity and vision


Establish Prestige and Trust

Earn the BLLA Seal of Approval for recognized credibility

Sponsorship Specific Benefits


Elevate Your Brand's Presence

Be prominently featured in our distinguished Marketplace


Specialized Marketing Approach

Exclusively tailored to independent boutique hotels


Enhance Your Brand's Visibility

Strategically amplify brand awareness in your market segment


Engage Directly and Make an Impact

Include varied opportunities for in-person participation at our events

"Mews finds great value in supporting the BLLA."

Carson Foerster – Sales Director, Mews

“ copy

"We feel that many associations representing the industry are struggling. As such, we are looking to expand our reach to be part of a well-run organization like BLLA that actively helps promote its members."

— Allison Crumpton, Owner, White Stone Marketing

“What an incredible organization for the boutique and lifestyle hotel community!”

— Alex Marcus, Account Executive - Hospitality, Therabody

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have products or services that you believe align with the needs of independent, boutique hotels, then we suggest applying!

We offer the opportunity to renew your partnership, but it is not automated.

You can find the marketplace here.

Partnering with our association provides your organization with unique opportunities for brand visibility and alignment with our mission and values. It also showcases your commitment to supporting industry growth and development.

Option 1 – Premier Partnership $3,500

  • 3 newsletters ads 
  • 2 press releases to be published on BLLA blog 
  • 2 sidebanner ads on the hotel member portal homepage (1 week run)
  • 1 ad in monthly hotel member newsletter
  • 1 Marketplace listing + inclusion in catalog (will only showcase ONE company and ONE logo). Must provide an affiliate link and sign a referral agreement.
  • 1 Ticket to a BLLA conference of your choice
  • 1 week ad in marketplace

Option 2 – Premier Plus Partnership $6,500

  • Discount to BLLA Event Tickets
  • 1 Lifestyle Sponsorship to a  BLLA Event Conference of your choice (must be within your partnership year)
  • 1 Marketplace listing + inclusion in catalog (will only showcase ONE company and ONE logo). Must provide an affiliate link and sign a referral agreement
  • 6 public newsletter ads (1 time run each)
  • 2 ads in monthly hotel member newsletter 
  • 2 sidebanner ads on hotel member portal homepage (1 week run each)
  • Up to 4 press releases to be published on BLLA blog
  • Showcased as a featured partner on the BLLA homepage (2 week run)
  • 1 eblast to hotel member database (must provide designs)
  • 2 week ad in marketplace
  • Highlighted in marketplace

Option 3 – Gold Partnership  $18,500

  • One headline sponsorship to an in-person BLLA conference of your choice (within the partnership cycle): 3 tickets, speaking slot, logo showcase, digital advertising package, attendee list 
  • One lifestyle sponsorship to an in-person BLLA conference of your choice (within the partnership cycle): 1 ticket, logo showcase 
  • “Premier Partner Partnership” which includes an array of digital marketing and one additional conference ticket

Option 4 – Platinum Sponsorship $22,500

  • Two headline sponsorships to 2 in-person BLLA conferences of your choice (within the membership cycle): 3 tickets, speaking slot, logo showcase, digital advertising package, attendee list
  • “Premier Partner Partnership” which includes an array of digital marketing and an additional conference ticket

Option 5 – Inner Circle Partnership $32,500

  • Three headline sponsorships to 3 in-person BLLA conferences of your choice (within the partnership cycle): 3 tickets, speaking slot, logo showcase, digital advertising package, attendee list 
  • Premier-Plus Partnership
  • Company highlighted in applications for new hotel members
  • Quarterly ad top placement in BW
  • Bi-annual eblasts to newsletter database 

We offer an array of in-person events in the U.S. that are a great platform for networking! You can learn more here.

Our sponsors must apply to be a part of the program to ensure it aligns with the mission of BLLA. You can apply here.

A marketplace listing is a dedicated page to showcase a vendor or supplier’s offerings. Please note we do not showcase any contact information including: website, social media links, emails or phone numbers. You must supply as many marketing assets as possible! Please also note that we will only showcase a way to connect via an affiliate link or private lead gen form on the BLLA website.

We allow all credit cards via our payment processor, Stripe. We also offer wire transfer options. We kindly ask to use one of these payment methods.

If you prefer to wait on partnering with the association (which includes a marketplace listing), you can always begin by purchasing a marketplace listing for $795 annually. This includes a dedicated page on the marketplace. Please note it is required to give BLLA members a special offer (either a pilot program or a discount) and provide BLLA an affiliate link to collect referral fees. If you do not have an affiliate link software, we can create a lead gen form on our website; however, we prefer an affiliate link as it is in the best interest of all parties involved (we can provide recommendations of great software).

Showcase your solutions to boutique hotels. Become a partner today!