Boutique Hotel Owner: Moniqua Lane

Founder of The Downtown Clifton Hotel

A native Tucsonan, it is Moniqua Lane’s deep connection to and reverence for Tucson’s history, culture and unique geography that informs the operational and aesthetic style of Motown Development, with a focus on innovative, small scale hospitality and multi-family development strives to create meaning through the place. Of MoTown’s two principals, Moniqua brings experience in developing, branding, marketing, and operating independent, boutique properties, both existing and ground up.  MoTown’s first project, The Downtown Clifton Hotel, has been in operation for five years, recently completing a major expansion — tripling in size — in the summer of 2019. 

Ms. Lane creates, communicates, and directs the hotel’s vision and direction; directs and evaluates the hotel management team; formulates and implements strategic planning; manages financial activities, particularly budgeting and market forecasting; and participates in industry and civic groups and activities on behalf of the hotel. Ms. Lane is currently breaking ground on her second project, The Citizen Hotel, a 10-room boutique hotel with which will include an on-site wine cellar operations and a high-end wine and cocktail bar located in downtown Tucson. The Citizen is set to open in Fall 2021. Ms. Lane is also in the early stages of a mixed-use commercial development located in an up-and-coming area in South Tucson.