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Choosing a technology partner you can trust

By David Goldstone, Chief Customer Advocate and Senior Vice President of World Cinema Inc. Technology has always been a critical component for bout...

By David Goldstone, Chief Customer Advocate and Senior Vice President of World Cinema Inc.

Technology has always been a critical component for boutique hotels and this became more prevalent over the past year. The impact of technology has been pivotal in adapting to new guest preferences throughout the pandemic and will continue to be important going forward.  

In fact, 48% of hotel guests like to use innovative and new technology during their stays. 

This is one of the many reasons why choosing a technology partner you can trust is critical in the long-term success of boutique hotels. The right partner can help you understand what technologies are worth investing in by bringing the greatest impact and ease of use to your guests while driving current and future revenue at the same time. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a technology partner.  

Knowing where to invest

With the constant evolution of technology as well as changing guest needs, it can be hard for hotels to keep up with the latest trends. Chasing the latest technology trends may not always bring value to a hotel and could also significantly impact a hotel’s bottom line if done inadequately. The right partner will help guide you in these decisions and help you understand what’s worth it in the long term and what’s not.

Boutique hotels also often have unique guest preferences that differ largely from larger hotel brands. Having a partner who understands these needs and can suggest a holistic approach to your technology strategy makes a significant impact.

Your technology service provider should act not only as a partner, but a trusted advisor who can recommend necessary solutions that fit the needs of your property and work within your budget. Scalability is also important to consider to ensure you can implement the right technologies in the future as your hotel and guest needs change.

Wide range of solutions

Choosing a technology partner who can service all your technology needs helps hotels streamline their processes while ensuring that they receive the most innovative solutions. Many of the larger hotel brands are required to adhere to specific brand standards, but boutique hotels have the unique opportunity to choose a wide range of solutions to fit the specific needs of their property and guests.  

Technology helps tell the story of boutique hotels and ensures each guest receives an unparallel experience. Through reliable digital experiences and endless entertainment options, guests are sure to leave your property wanting more and looking forward to their next visit.

Commitment to customer service

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a trusted partner is their commitment to customer service. While having trustworthy technology solutions is imperative, it’s equally as important to have a trusted provider who will proactively be there to address any potential concerns or problems that may arise. It’s also important to look for a technology partner who will be there through every step of the customer journey.

Knowing that you have a trusted partner who will be there for your property gives hotel owners peace of mind while ensuring guests receive the best possible experience during their stay. Taking the time to consider these key factors will help guide boutique hotels to find the partner who is right for their property while delivering one-of-a-kind experiences that will set you apart for years to come.  

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