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CIRQ+Clean Innovation Offers Solutions and Hope for a Safe Recovery

CIRQ+ founders dreamed of a world where people can work and live safely, allowing a nation hard-hit by the pandemic to return to the life they knew, ...

CIRQ+ founders dreamed of a world where people can work and live safely, allowing a nation hard-hit by the pandemic to return to the life they knew, and today that dream becomes a reality with the launch of CIRQ+CLEAN™. Developed by cloud-based platform CIRQ+ in response to the impact of the global COVID crisis, the CIRQ+CLEAN is a first of its kind solution – a touchless sterilization innovation that dispenses an EPA-registered fluid through an in-room autonomous, connected IoT robot, the Cbot. The all-natural, non-toxic disinfecting solution that has the most up-to-date approvals by the EPA for use against Sars-CoV-2, the novel Coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19, as well as other pathogens on hard, non-porous surfaces, and is safer for guests, employees, children, and persons applying the product. Combined with the CIRQ+ in-room mobile hub, the CIRQ+CLEAN Cbot is taking safety, sterilization, and touchless technology to the next level, with limitless applications for hotels, schools, businesses, restaurants, larger event spaces and beyond.

How It Works: In a hotel guestroom equipped with the in-room CIRQ+ hub, the autonomous, smart CBot recognizes an empty room and circumnavigates the space, dispensing a consistent, uniform electrostatically-charged disinfectant on surfaces and areas missed by manual cleaning or UV light methods. Once the initial spraying is complete, housekeeping can safely enter the sterilized room to change linens, clean bathrooms, vacuum, and complete routine cleaning practices, making it the first robot to protect jobs, not take them away. After housekeeping is finished, they inform the hub and leave the room, allowing CIRQ+CLEAN to sterilize the room a second time. Guests are provided with information on the process and reassurance they are entering a thoroughly disinfected room upon entry through a spoken or written message on the screen of the CIRQ+ unit.

“As technologists and innovators at CIRQ+, we were inspired to rise to the challenge posed by the pandemic to leverage our Ultimate Smart Room platform to create viable solutions,” said Yani Deros, CEO and founder of CIRQ+. “CIRQ+CLEAN was created to ensure that employees, guests or residents can trust that the property where they are working or staying has implemented the highest standard of health and safety measures.”

Additional benefits of the CIRQ+CLEAN’s liquid solution include:

  • Provides a superior layer of sterilization that has never been used in most industries
  • Delivers results greater than traditional disinfecting and sanitizing solutions in less time
  • Is easy-to-use and affordable as part of regular and repeatable preventive protocols
  • Superior to other commonly used disinfectants and sanitizers that can trigger asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems
  • Eco-friendly and non-caustic, it is safe for guests, employees, children, and pets and is 80-100x more effective vs. products such as chlorine bleach, harsh detergents, and cleaners
  • The solution is safe on fabrics, clothing, and other materials

On September 16, Deros unveiled the new breakthrough technology at a live streaming event held at the New York Marriott Downtown in the World Trade Center, hosted by Anthony Melchiorri, host of Hotel Impossible and CEO of Argeo Hospitality, and Glenn Haussman, host of the popular “No Vacancy” Podcast. For more information, availability, and images, please visit

About CIRQ+

CIRQ+ is a cloud-based platform, combined with a modular and future-proofed in-room hub that bridges the gap between tenant/guest comfort and engagement now featuring CBot, an autonomous touchless sterilization robot. The solution was developed based on deep global research with properties worldwide. CIRQ+ delivers a future-ready solution today by bridging the gap between user comfort and engagement while delivering state-of-the art energy controls for reducing energy usage and lowering operating costs for hotel and commercial property owners. The unified platform consolidates multiple in-room solutions and services — power charging (Qi) wireless charging, (hi-voltage, low voltage), instant-on clock/alarm, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Audio/stereo speakers, temperature controls, services/amenities and more — into a single, in-room device that can be activated by voice controls or mobile app. This unification offers touch-free room controls, ease of use, convenience, and connectivity.


CIRQ+CLEAN, a smart robot utilizing EPA registered fogging solution designed to provide a TOUCHLESS AND SMART STERILIZATION SYSTEM for hotels, commercial spaces, multi-tenant buildings, offices, and schools. The Smart Robot is controlled wirelessly by the CIRQ+ in room hub which knows that the room is vacant using integrated occupancy sensors that allow the CBot to sterilize a space without manual labor. The design of the CBot ensures it can easily disinfect hard-to-reach areas missed by manual cleaning or UV light methods. With CIRQ+CLEAN, employees, guests, residents, students, and event attendees can trust that the property where they are working, staying has implemented the highest standard of health and safety measures. 

For more information, contact:

Jodi Deros, Co-Founder, CIRQ+

(480) 289-6116

For media inquiries, contact:

Stephanie Trotto, Marketing Manager, CIRQ+

(480) 298-2378

Willie Norkin, Executive Vice President, The Brooks Group

Jen Mendelsohn, Senior Publicist, The Brooks Group

Alex Stern, Publicist, The Brooks Group

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