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The Awards Series 2022: The Madrona

The BLLA Team sits down with The Madrona, Runner-Up for the Boutique Hotel of the Year - North America Award! Hear what Cory Schisler, Partner at The...

The BLLA Team sits down with The Madrona, Runner-Up for the Boutique Hotel of the Year – North America Award! Hear what Cory Schisler, Partner at The Madrona, has to say.

BLLA: What is your hotel’s mission statement?

CS: “At The Madrona, we always come back to the statement: “Get Lost In The Magic.” We spend a lot of time thinking about how to showcase our eight-acre property in unique ways that surprise and delight. I have been a firm believer that one of the greatest drivers of a great hospitality experience is removing barriers for a guest to enjoy their stay fully; always finding ways to say yes, and then going above and beyond after that (You want to order snacks and cocktails to enjoy on a bench in the garden? Of course we can do that). That is where our team embraces this creative spirit that compliments the amazing design and landscape.”

The Madrona | Healdsburg, CA

BLLA: How do you stay authentic to the boutique essence?

CS: “Constantly re-assessing. We compare our current operation back to our initial dream to create this magical place as a way to hold ourselves accountable. If we can remember how special of a place this is and what it means to us, then we have this north star of a luxury boutique experience that can guide us as we add creative room packages or make changes to the menu or evolve our service based on guests’ needs.”

BLLA: How does your team operate as a family?

CS: “I think a lot of our team feels like family because they are all drawn to The Madrona as a place to work. It is almost self-selective in a way, where it is a certain type of person who wants to be a part of what we built. They are usually curious, passionate, and in awe of the estate that they get to go to day after day. That common thread provides a great deal of camaraderie, even between departments. And being a small boutique property, everybody is somewhat reliant on each other to continue the guest experience from space to space.”

BLLA: Why do your hotel and team believe in the boutique movement?

CS: “Boutique properties have the rare opportunity within the hospitality world to get creative and invent as we go. There are not the same layers of larger brands that have to be considered before implementing a new offering or service experience. You have a wonderful playground to explore and do things differently.”

Ariela Kiradjian (BLLA) with Cory Schisler at October 25th Awards Dinner | Westlake Village Inn

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