Rockville, Maryland, USA

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Are you an independent hotel owner looking for a game-changing purchasing solution? Look no further than Avendra. We pride ourselves on being more than just a means to increase your purchasing power. As your trusted partner, we bring years of hospitality expertise, purchasing power experience, a team of resources, and innovative programs to your door at absolutely no cost to you.

Avendra understands unique hospitality challenges and goes beyond tailoring purchasing solutions to fit your specific needs, keep your establishment operating optimally, and provide additional value beyond just cost savings.

We take immense pride in evaluating everything through the eyes of your clientele. Our aim is to help you reduce costs without compromising quality, guaranteeing reliable products and services that maintain the highest standards.

From F&B and the finest cuts of protein to essential smallwares, housekeeping and room operation supplies, and furniture and equipment, Avendra’s sourcing team excels at negotiating best-in-class supplier contracts and establishing strategic partnerships, ensuring the most desirable offerings that cater to your discerning guests.

Our local and experienced Avendra Procurement Consultants become an extension of your team. Together, as your dedicated resource, Procurement Consultants help support your goals for success. There is no reason to wait! Avendra is North America’s leading hospitality procurement services provider headquartered in Rockville serving a wide array of customers. Contact us today.