Chicago, Illinois, United States

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At PeopleVine, the journey of our business has always been to service experiences for clients that have the same passions as we do. Technology is what we know; culture is what we love.

We launched our platform in 2014 with Live Nation, building their events and ticketing engine. In 2016, we expanded our capabilities to service the growing coworking industry, which led to our eventual focus on membership-based clubs.

Over the years, the members club concept has been reimagined to meet the needs of modern lifestyles, but technology hasn’t kept up. We believe our clients deserve a platform that’s just as in touch as they are, so we built a member experience CRM that’s dynamic, multifaceted, and evolved. We’re inspired to help clubs actualize their vision of what’s possible in hospitality.

We’re a team of cultured professionals with backgrounds that go beyond tech. We’ve worked in entertainment, in marketing, in creative arts, and most importantly, in hospitality. Plus, we’re from Chicago — hospitality is in our bones. We understand modern business and we care about making it look, feel, and function better. Whether front-end or back-end, software should deepen human experience.