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Announcing the BLLA Board of Advisors for 2022

The Continuing Transformation of the Boutique Hotel Sector is a Top Priority BLLA, the Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association, is pleased to ann...

The Continuing Transformation of the Boutique Hotel Sector is a Top Priority

BLLA, the Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association, is pleased to announce the confirmation of the boutique leaders who are joining the BLLA Board of Advisors for 2022. They are coming together to support top agenda items for the association, affecting some of the world’s best boutique hotels and small, independently owned brands. 

Introducing the 2022 BLLA Board of Advisors:

We are extremely grateful to our outgoing Board of Advisors for their time, dedication, and support of the association and our members throughout 2021. 

The boutique hotel segment is doing extremely well, according to the membership and sentiment from the industry itself. Hotels are reporting, in general, high occupancies, and some reporting the highest ADRs ever. The agenda for 2022 will include a high level of programs to support the growing sector and ensure its survival and continued success now and in the future.

These executives will assist the association in key initiatives including international membership expansion in conjunction with a new BLLA European office and further global initiatives, program planning for the major conferences as well as the smaller, more intimate events, a broader educational program for members, and a discussion on solutions such as the proper tech stack, the future of labor, supply issues and more. The boutique sector continues to rise in its popularity due to very high demand and the expanded interest of new investors, developers, operators, as well as today’s traveler.

By banding together in a type of “think tank,” these creators, disruptors, and innovators will continue the progress the Board made in 2021 such as the high amount of content BLLA initiated publicly through the press, blogs, and conferences with more than 320 speakers, awards and recognition for properties and their owners and other key projects still in progress. Their work with BLLA will be integral to ensuring that the next generation of hospitality is one that is genuine, unique, profitable, and inspiring. The 2022 Board of Advisors has a vast array of knowledge and experience. They have all committed to supporting the BLLA mission:

To counteract corporate monotony and champion creativity. To forget the forgettable and forge the once-in-a-lifetime. To break down doors and link the most brilliant minds in the hospitality industry. To build on our now 13-year legacy of reimagining the multifaceted future of boutique hotels and the boutique lifestyle—together.

The 2022 Committees including Education, Program Planning, Technology, and Membership will be announced shortly. We invite you to explore the BLLA Board of Advisors for 2022 here. If you are interested in joining a Committee, please ensure you are a member-in-good-standing and email with your interest. 

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