Recruiting & Retaining Hotel Workers During a Historical Staffing Shortage

After a year and a half of difficulty beyond measure, the hospitality industry is starting to resurface with new safety protocols, health measures, and ideas for guest and staff engagement. Recruiting and retaining associates, however, is proving tricky, which is deeply affecting hotels’ budding recovery. Millions of hotel service workers were pushed into new careers […]

Navigating the ROI Impacts of COVID-19 on the Boutique Hotel Sector

Boutique properties are a unique class of hotels, with benefits and challenges that vary from their larger branded counterparts. In the wake of COVID-19, boutiques have had occupancies down, doors closing, and survival strategies to test out practically on the fly. Yet major ROI impact has led to new pivots and methods to keep these […]

9 Things Boutique Hotels Can Do to Safely Reopen & Deliver Great Guest Experiences

How do you protect public health and safety while delivering extraordinary guest experiences? That’s the million-dollar question for hotel managers, particularly at boutique properties where limitations and other conditions affect the segment’s signature small-scale style. As parts of the country begin to reopen, it’s critical that boutique hotels establish clear guidelines for delivering on the […]