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Awards: Lutron Electronics

The BLLA Team sits down with Lutron Electronics, Runner-up for the Best Boutique Hospitality Vendor of 2021 Award! Hear what Lori Christopherson, ...

The BLLA Team sits down with Lutron Electronics, Runner-up for the Best Boutique Hospitality Vendor of 2021 Award!

Hear what Lori Christopherson, Hospitality Account Sales Director, has to say!

BLLA: How do you stay authentic to the boutique essence?

LC: “Differentiation and personalization are at the heart of boutique hospitality – and that’s exactly what Lutron solutions are designed to deliver. Since the beginning, we’ve been dedicated to ambience and experience, enabling the most creative minds to realize their visions through lighting.

“And though our products are installed in thousands of buildings around the world, each project is unique – and our global team helps boutique hotels to navigate the complexities of the commercial construction process, with the level of service you’d expect in the boutique realm.

“From design through construction and startup, we work as a partner every step of the way to make sure that the lighting and controls work just as you expect – offering simplicity for staff and management, and supporting a memorable, luxurious experience for guests.”

BLLA: Why do you enjoy working with boutique hotels?

LC: “Part of what makes working with boutique hotels unique is seeing imagination brought to life in fresh and unexpected ways. It is a joy to watch hoteliers and designers explore new ideas, push boundaries of past design, and leverage our technology to take their hotel experiences to the next level.

“We truly believe lighting is an amenity that can transform everyday experiences into extraordinary moments – and our solutions are built to make hotel guests feel catered to. Being a part of the collaborative process to get there is something we value.

“One other commonality we see among boutique hotels is a willingness to invest more in solutions that increase the lifetime of their asset. Ultimately, our solutions can help boutique hotels achieve financial goals in two ways: first, by supporting brand differentiation and unique experiences to generate revenue – and second, by reaping the benefits of energy savings to reduce expenses. It’s a two-fold benefit, and we see boutique properties more interested in those investments.”

BLLA: Why does your company believe in the boutique movement?

LC: “As a company dedicated to delivering an unforgettable guest experience, Lutron recognizes the art of gracious hospitality that luxury hotels inimitably provide. But luxury is not limited to one way of thinking or one type of traveler – and the boutique hotel movement is a testament to the fact that there is room for creativity and novelty in the hospitality industry.

“Boutique hotels are defining hospitality on their own terms – expanding luxury to new markets and delighting curious travelers with their unique points of view. And with a penchant for renovating and repurposing historic properties, boutique hotels are breathing new life into once-forgotten treasures, redefining the cities and neighborhoods wherever they put down roots.”

BLLA: What are some exciting projects you are working on now?

LC: “Our business is diverse and spans many sectors. There are always exciting projects going on at Lutron, both in the market and with our product development teams!

As of this writing (Nov. 2021), we are currently opening 17 hotels in the US – and it’s wonderful to see such tremendous growth in hospitality so soon after the downturns of the pandemic. 

“On the product side, we’ve just launched two new products: Ketra Ready and Palladiom Wire-Free. Ketra Ready is a curated collection of lighting fixtures from reputable designers like Stephen Pikus and David Trubridge, which pairs our Ketra light technology with decorative fixtures. It’s perfect for hospitality – offering the aesthetics and the flexibility that hoteliers need for successful spaces. Palladiom Wire-Free is a new battery-powered architectural shade, with ground-breaking technology hidden inside stunningly beautiful hardware. Ideal for renovation projects or late-stage project additions, we’re hearing it will be a game-changer in the luxury residential shading category.

“Continuous innovation is in our DNA. We look forward to sharing more exciting products and projects in 2022.”

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