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Awards: Yellow Goat Design

The BLLA Team sits down with Yellow Goat Design, Winner of the Best Boutique Hospitality Vendor of 2021 Award! BLLA: What is the missio...

The BLLA Team sits down with Yellow Goat Design, Winner of the Best Boutique Hospitality Vendor of 2021 Award!

BLLA: What is the mission statement of your company?

YGD: “Yellow Goat Design is a company that creates unique, custom-built and authentic lighting, screens, and sculptural installations. We pride ourselves on not only being creatives and artists (as well as members of BeOriginal) but also a team of collaborative Designers that can work hand in hand with Design, Architecture, or Lighting firms to build their vision from conception to final product. Authenticity, creativity, and collaboration are at the core of our company’s mission.

BLLA: Why do you enjoy working with boutique hotels?

YGD: “Boutique Hotels are often where we get to really shine. If you’ve spent any time on our website, you know that we have a team of Designers with a VAST imagination. Most of our designs are made to be in spaces where they set the stage for a jaw-dropping experience. Cue, Boutique hotels! These spaces are all about design elements that take it to the next level and provide an experience that will continue to bring guests back. By speaking to brand stories, client experiences, and authentic design, Boutique Hotels align perfectly with our own ethos.

BLLA: Why does your company believe in the boutique movement?

YGD: “The boutique movement celebrates thoughtful and luxurious experiences that excite and delight. Yellow Goat’s philosophy aligns with this movement by creating products that accentuate and reflect the boutique hotel’s unique personality. As a company founded by an artist, we are proud to contribute to spaces that impact the creative community who love and seek out originality in design and architecture.

BLLA: What are some exciting projects you are working on now?

YGD: “We are honored to be involved in so many exciting projects with top developers, designers and architects. We recently collaborated with San Francisco-based RMW Architecture on a few amazing corporate projects for Uber’s Mission Bay Campus and Intuitive Surgical in Sunnyvale. In the boutique hospitality world, we had the opportunity to work on the Daxton Hotel in Michigan as well as the Farnam Hotel in Nebraska. Both are very unique and special to their locale. Stay tuned for a gorgeous project at Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii; we will definitely be making an on-site visit for this gorgeous property!

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