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Behind Boutique: The Story of Mac&Lo’s Hospitality Mastery

Season 2, Episode 8 of The Unfamiliar Shift with Ariela Podcast Show In the ever-evolving landscape of boutique hospitality, the convergence of art...

Season 2, Episode 8 of The Unfamiliar Shift with Ariela Podcast Show

In the ever-evolving landscape of boutique hospitality, the convergence of art, culture, and guest experience crafts a narrative that is both captivating and instructive. The recent episode of The Unfamiliar Shift with Ariela, featuring Audrey Laurent and Sergio MacLean of Mac&Lo Hospitality, stands as a testament to this transformative journey. As principals of Mac&Lo, Laurent and MacLean bring an approach to hospitality that is as immersive as it is impactful, drawing from a rich tapestry of cultural heritage and artistic influences.

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At the heart of this narrative is the duo’s collaboration with Shinola and Bedrock to conceptualize a luxury hotel in Detroit. This project, with its 129 meticulously designed rooms, is not just an architectural marvel but a storybook of experiential hospitality, weaving together the threads of Detroit’s rich culture and heritage. Ariela’s insightful dialogue with the pair reveals a shared philosophy: that the essence of a luxury hotel lies not just in its aesthetic appeal or its amenities, but in its approachability and the personalized service it offers.

Sergio’s analogy of hospitality to a musician’s improvisation encapsulates the essence of their service philosophy. It’s not about the scripted and the rehearsed; rather, it’s about a harmonious blend of preparation, anticipation, and spontaneity. This philosophy is deeply embedded in their backgrounds, where the hospitality industry is not just a profession but a performing art, narrating stories through service, aligning closely with the arts and culture.

Audrey’s journey, from the talent agency to the forefront of the Philippe Starck-designed Paramount hotel in the early 1990s, and later at the Mercer hotel, is a narrative of evolution. It’s a transition from behind-the-scenes roles to polished front-of-house presentations, a testament to the relentless pursuit of personalized and effortless service. Similarly, Sergio’s trajectory in the food and beverage industry, from starting as a dishwasher to being mentored by influential operators in New York, narrates a story of growth, learning, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Their meeting at the Mercer hotel and their subsequent partnership is not just a business venture but a confluence of visions, dreams, and a shared commitment to redefine the hospitality landscape. Their journey through the ups and downs of managing hotels in NYC, setting operational standards, and creating spaces that resonate with culture and design, is a narrative of resilience, innovation, and passion.

This episode of The Unfamiliar Shift with Ariela is more than a conversation. It’s an odyssey that traverses the realms of luxury, culture, and personalized service. Audrey Laurent and Sergio MacLean’s journey with Mac&Lo Hospitality is not just about building hotels; it’s about creating experiences, crafting stories, and redefining the paradigms of boutique hospitality. It’s an invitation to explore the uncharted, to embrace the blend of culture and comfort, and to witness the transformation of spaces into stories.

As this narrative unfolds, it beckons listeners to dive into this enriching episode, to explore the depths of boutique hospitality, and to witness how Audrey and Sergio, through Mac&Lo, are not just shaping guest experiences but are also sculpting the future of boutique hospitality. The episode is more than a listen; it’s an experience, a journey, and a revelation in the world of boutique lodging.

This enlightening episode is available for listening on Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts. The series is proudly sponsored by Solonis, a property management system designed for hotels and a premier partner sponsor of BLLA.

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