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Best Boutique Businesses of 2020

1. Palette by Peter J. Hemsley

San Francisco, California, United States

“Palette is not just a restaurant, but a business that is constantly evolving to include local purveyors, winemakers, artists and more to engage the community in new and innovative ways. With an ambitious program that includes a restaurant, shop, gallery, event space and artist-in-residence program, there is always something new and different happening that sets Palette apart from its competition. Palette openly invites the community to attend events, visit the gallery, relax in the restaurant and engage in conversation.”

2. B. David Levine

Los Angeles, California, United States

“We are not a chain or a corporation, we are a small business who not only considers ourselves to be boutique, but it was David’s vision to create a design showroom which features and honors boutique businesses.. Therefore, most of the lines we represent reign from generations of family artisans who have been honing their unique crafts for centuries. Over years of travel abroad, David nurtured his relationships with artists and craftsmen coming to know them and their families on a personal level. in fact, many of our pieces are hand signed by the artists, and are still produced not en masse, but in most cases, through painstakingly slow processes. For us, boutique at its heart represents, uniqueness, beauty, passion, warmth, comfort, and most importantly building lasting relationships.”

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