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BLLA and Health4Luxury Partner to Certify Boutique Hotels

The Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association (BLLA) partners with the industry’s foremost health & safety organization to assist boutique hotels in...

The Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association (BLLA) partners with the industry’s foremost health & safety organization to assist boutique hotels in certifying their properties.

Creating a sanctuary, scientifically tested and luxury certified for boutique hotels in the U.S. as we enter the second wave.

BLLA continues its efforts to support the boutique hospitality sector by bringing in the finest organizations to its #BoutiqueStrong Council. Its latest exclusive partnership (They come together to bring) brings on leading global safety organization Health4Luxury to help certify the health protocols at boutique hotels worldwide now and to prepare for the 2nd wave of COVID-19. As a special benefit, BLLA member hotels will receive a program that is extended for 18 vs. 12 months. Active BLLA member hotels can inquire and receive further information here and boutique hotels looking to become a member can apply here.

Health4Luxury’s team of scientists from UCLA, Stanford, Cedars-Sinai and Citadel EHS have concluded a study and as such, created a stringent formula for environmental testing of hotels. This formula is able to determine the exact number of touchpoints necessary for quality health assurance, incorporating the CDC global health protocols and enhancing them with strict proprietary guidelines. The Health4Luxury team includes hospitality experts with over 90 years of combined experience in the luxury hotel sector. This program provides boutique hotels with an oversight committee vs. a “recommended” procedure overseen by hotel staff that may not be trained properly.

“As the fear of traveling continues to grow during this pandemic, customers will prioritize health and safety in the decision-making process for selecting a particular hotel or resort,” said Frances Kiradjian, founder & CEO of BLLA. “Future hotel guests will demand independent certification.”

Nothing is more important today than delivering on the brand promise and trust that has been developed over the years for independent boutique hotels–and # 1 concern is that when presented with eight factors that could determine their next hotel stay, as reported by the New York Times, the highest percentage of respondents — 34 percent — reported that cleanliness was the number one factor when choosing a hotel. Other factors included safety, price and location.

BLLA recognized that many boutique hotels have incorporated their own, customized and experiential protocols, or those suggested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and tourism boards for reopening during the pandemic. However, understanding the boutique consumer, each property’s approach would need to be fine-tuned to reflect its individual DNA focusing on community and sustainability, among other pillars. Health4Luxury improves existing protocols by delivering an upgraded program to better prepare hotels for the future as COVID-19 continues. The organization develops a 360-degree program supported by a global network of clinical health experts.

“Health4Luxury was formed with the focus on how can we best assist our hoteliers and their staff from a true medical perspective for both  the short and long  term .We know this audience and provide full 360 degree programs directed at  not only  the science of Covid19 but also the psychological  impact on both guests and staff,” adds Thomas Hayden, Executive Director – Global Sales.

“We do not make the health and safety protocols, we make them better,” stated Gregory J. Schwab, Founding Partner and VP – New Business Development of Health4Luxury. “We are also extremely excited to be working closely with BLLA staff as well as their BoutiqueStrong Council and ensuring that this hospitality sector has an additional opportunity to ensure their guests a safe environment. Adding Dr. Anne Rimoin to the Board is an additional benefit to this program. Her experience in emerging infections, global health and vaccination adds a high level of expertise to this team. Additionally, our recent confirmation of 3M as a verified partner, shows the high level of interest from firms who offer solutions focused on fighting the virus.”

Mr. Loren Witkin, CEO of Citadel EHS also commented, “While COVID-19 may present unique challenges, they are, without question, manageable one.   Environmental, health, and safety professionals and engineers at firms such as Citadel EHS are accustomed to addressing these challenges and have addressed them throughout our careers by leveraging science and applying proven health and safety management system thinking.”

LATHER has joined the group as official amenities company. Emilie Hoyt, Founder and CEO of LATHER, stated, “I am extremely excited to join this prestigious group of professionals in bringing wellness products and conscious care to hotel guests during this important time in the hospitality industry.”

BLLA will continue to bring best-in-class solutions to the world’s boutique hotels, recognizing that boutique hoteliers are culturally upscale and demand best practices above all else, particularly during this difficult time in history for all of us.

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About Health4Luxury

Health4Luxury is the world leading independent health and safety certification company for the luxury sector. Offering a 360-degree approach by combining clinical methodology, testing and analytics supported by industry experts.  Our goal is to assist luxury hotels & resorts, cruise lines, aviation(private & commercial),  villas & residences, retail shops and event management companies to create a safe environment for their customers and staff. Our services include assessment and consultation, medical and clinical support for venue sanitization, staff education and training, guidelines and restrictions monitoring, critical response management and safety kit procurement.

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