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BLLA Creates a Newly Updated Glossary of for the Independent Boutique Hotel Sector

Both seasoned hoteliers and those new to hospitality will find the abbreviated tool of great value in their everyday quest to find clarity and answer...

Both seasoned hoteliers and those new to hospitality will find the abbreviated tool of great value in their everyday quest to find clarity and answers

The official organization of the world’s authentic boutique hotels, BLLA, brought together the industry’s thought leaders to create an educational program aimed at more clearly defining the most important terms in the boutique hospitality space. The key purpose of this project was to assist anyone seeking abbreviated guidance in developing or operating a boutique hotel and additionally, as a universal tool for students in hospitality, those new to the space, or as a refresher for all. 

This project is the 1st in a series of updates to the current vocabulary list to help hoteliers and others navigate the ever-changing world of boutique hotels and related iterations including closely aligned boutique businesses such as residences, co-working, and the like. 

Every industry speaks in its own jargon for ease of communication and we are no different. From ADR to RevPAR, the list is long and definitive. While there are many other ‘’glossaries’ out there, the BLLA Glossary takes the independent, upscale boutique space into consideration. 

The BLLA Board of Advisors along with several members of the association’s Committees participated in delivering overviews of more than 22 pages of terms. The current version can be found on the homepage with a link directly to the Glossary page. This project was sponsored by Dragonfly Strategists and its founder, Caryl Helsel, was instrumental in delivering a great number of revenue management terminology recaps.

The BLLA Glossary will be an ongoing, ever-changing project that the association is proud to lead and support along with all participant members. In the near future, certain closely aligned projects will be covered at the conferences and discussed privately in future TownHall meetings with BLLA members.

Become a member of BLLA by applying to be an Approved Vendor or Hotel member. More information is located on this page.  

Attend the BLLA Boutique Hotel Leadership Conference being held virtually on October 25-26, 2021 to learn more about this valuable educational tool. 

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