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BLLA, in collaboration with ROOMZA, hosted a Social Club Dinner Party on April 12th

The goal was to bring top minds in the independent boutique hotel space together in a closed, intimate setting to discuss worldly topics and opportun...

The goal was to bring top minds in the independent boutique hotel space together in a closed, intimate setting to discuss worldly topics and opportunities for collaboration

Los Angeles, CA – The 4th iteration of BLLA’s intimate Social Club Dinner Party was held on April 12th in downtown Los Angeles in the private room called “The Apartment,” located on the 2nd floor of The Hoxton Hotel. 

The evening conversations were poignant and interesting as each attendee was offered a particular question and subject to address during the dinner. As wine and great food flowed, the hoteliers were lively and completely engaged with each other. “It is such a pleasure to experience our boutique community sharing their stories and connecting on such an intimate level,” said Frances Kiradjian, CEO of BLLA. “The measure of success of any event is when the wait staff literally needs to turn off the lights because no one wants to leave. It is such a special moment when that happens, even though we know we could have gone on for hours.”

BLLA Social Club Dinner Los Angeles 2023, sponsored by ROOMZA.

In collaboration with ROOMZA as the sponsor of the event, BLLA invited several boutique hotel owners and small brands as well as BLLA staff to the event including: Alex Kirkwood, Founder & CEO, Kirkwood Collection – Curtis Crimmins, CEO, Roomza – Dave Neupert, Owner, Gold-Diggers – Jeremiah Johnson, VP & Head of Business Development, Roomza – John Flannigan, Founder & CEO, Wylder Hotels – Kara Bartelt, GM, The Hoxton – Max Waitt, Co-Founder, Orli La Jolla – Maya Mallick, Hotelier & Creative Director, The Culver Hotel – Ramin Kolahi, Principal, Lighthouse Investments, LLC – Sam Spring, Founder & CFO, Roomza.

“In the world of hospitality, it is the spirit of community that fuels innovation, fostering connections that spark the creation of unforgettable experiences, and transforming buildings into the boutique hotels that define our industry – and travel itself,” stated Curtis Crimmins, Founder of Roomza. “The gathering of lodging innovators and tastemakers, curated by BLLA and hosted by Roomza, last week in Los Angeles was an evening of culinary delight and illuminating conversation igniting a fusion of ideas and forging lasting connections that will undoubtedly shape the future of hospitality.” 

The open dialogue covered an array of topics such as the hotel booking experience, the onsite technology experience, best practices for team building, the characteristics of a successful hotel lobby, the key to a healthy relationship with your stakeholders, investment strategies & outcomes, and the wholehearted joys of being an independent, boutique hotelier. 

View images from the event here.

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Noteworthy Quotes: 
“BLLA hosted an intimate dinner party for industry tastemakers that was a wonderful experience and unlike anything I had been to before. As a novice in the industry, with a newly established boutique hotel brand, it was so enriching to hear from successful hoteliers and industry executives on their experience, passion, and dedication to the boutique community. The open discussions left me with new insights, connections, and knowledge, as well as an excitement for what is to come in the years ahead. I feel honored to have been invited to this dinner party and cannot wait for the next one.” – Max Waitt, Co-Founder, Orli La Jolla

“People get excited about building things that haven’t been done before.” – Curtis Crimmins, CEO, Roomza

“Being an independent hotelier is about being the next steward in telling a story/continuing a legacy.” – Alex Kirkwood, Founder & CEO, Kirkwood Collection

“It’s a very human business. Not one day is ever the same.” – Maya Mallick, Hotelier & Creative Director, The Culver Hotel

“A successful lobby is one where the neighbors come in.” – Kara Bartelt, GM, The Hoxton

“Music can transform the industry and is the fabric of what we’re doing. Everything is connected.” – Dave Neupert, Owner, Gold-Diggers

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