Boutique Hotel Owner: Akino West

Co-Owner of The Copper Door B&B

Chef Akino has spent the last ten years of his career working his way up the culinary ladder by beginning as a line cook and student of the world of culinary arts.

Chef Akino grew up and began his culinary knowledge in his hometown, Riviera Beach, Florida. After excelling in vocational programming, while in high school; Akino decided to make the progressive move by attending Johnson & Wales University in North Miami Beach FL. After four 4 years of dedication, Chef West graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in Food Service Management while working his way up to being the Executive Sous Chef at the James Beard award-winning, Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink.

West then moved on to further his portfolio by taking on the opportunity to stage and work amongst the best of the hospitality industry in the world at the two-Michelin-star rated and 2010-2012 and 2014’s number 1 restaurant in the world, NOMA, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Chef Akino claims that his experience while at NOMA to be his most honorable accomplishment thus far.

West made the modest move back to South Florida to take on the role as Executive Sous Chef at Verde Restaurant, located at the Perez Art Museum Miami. Chef West is a curator of exceptional menus based on his local cuisine and Southern comfort foods with refined ingredients.

Check out some images of Akino’s boutique hotel