Boutique Hotel Owner: Angelika Schmid

Co-Owner of Villa Eden

Angelika Schmid is the owner of Villa Eden in Merano, one of the first luxury hotels in Italy to become Covid-safe. This hotel represents a lifestyle, with its vast wellness centre and a medical clinic specializing in new techniques and treatments for the body and mind. What is now Villa Eden, one of the Leading Hotels of the World, was born in 1983 among the visionary ideas of Angelika’s father, Karl Schmid. Since then, its primary objective is the well-being of its guests, encouraging health, prevention and the adoption of a virtuous lifestyle.

Ten years after its acquisition, in 1993, the management passed on to Angelika, who has been guiding the structure with immense passion ever since. In the quiet of a large park above Merano, this is a place dedicated above all to well-being and fitness, to what Angelika defines as “health promotion” with the idea of creating a place “where we ourselves would like to stay”.

The hotel is designed for those who want to rest and regain energy and vitality. Hospitality, health, well-being and beauty have always fascinated Angelika, to the point of following the part dedicated to longevity, health, detox and beauty first-hand. The combination of medical and aesthetic treatments, physical exercise and healthy nutrition help rebalance the body and offer new energy through detox, slimming, anti-aging, anti-stress and anti-cellulite programmes.

Villa Eden then adopted the Healthy Gourmet Cuisine, using fresh and high quality products, cooked in a light and healthy way, to preserve all the essential nutrients and provide excellent digestibility.

Here you learn to love yourself and to look and feel extraordinarily well.

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