Boutique Hotel Owner: April Brown

Co-Founder & Motelier of The June Motel

April Brown is a co-founder of the June Motel. Prior to becoming a motelier, April spent 7 years working for a PR agency in Toronto, Ontario, where she focused her efforts on the American Express and Nike accounts. April is passionate about empowering women across industries and developed several PR strategies and campaigns at Nike aimed at inspiring female athletes. At The June, she remains faithful to her mission and favors partnerships, collaborations and ventures with female-led and local businesses. April graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Managerial and Operational Studies, and a postgraduate diploma in Public Relations. Most recently, she and her co-founder Sarah Sklash were the subject of a Netflix series – Motel Makeover – that followed their renovation of The June Sauble Beach.

April currently lives in Prince Edward County, where she is renovating her house. With a passion for travel and exploration, April’s favorite type of travel is what she calls ‘slow travel,” where she is able to spend several weeks in one destination to get a comprehensive taste for the environment and the people. A few of April’s other passions include design, where she believes in the mantra “paint it pink!” and wine, in the belief that the brevity of life calls for good wine.

Check out some images of April’s boutique hotel