Boutique Hotel Owner: Evguenia Ivara

Co-Founder & CMO of Cap Karoso

Evguenia Ivara is the co-founder of Cap Karoso, an ambitious 47-room and 20-villa resort project in Sumba, Indonesia, set to open in 2022. Cap Karoso is a pioneering island hideaway, where conscious travel, community, and curated lifestyle experiences merge for a stylish retreat. Passionate about indigenous cultures, contemporary art, and design, Evguenia sees Cap Karoso as a cultural bridge between hotel guests and the local community.

Before starting Cap Karoso, Evguenia had spent 12 years creating inspirational products and conceiving outstanding customer experiences for brands like Louis Vuitton, Moët & Chandon, and Dom Pérignon. An expert in brand-building, she also advised multiple luxury or lifestyle brands on their strategy, narrative, and visual universe.

Evguenia holds an MA degree in Social Philosophy from Moscow State University and an MBA from HEC Paris.

Born in Moscow, Evguenia has lived and worked across the world – Russia, Switzerland, France, and Singapore – bee-like, creating communities around her. Today, she splits her time between Paris and Sumba, accompanied by her husband and partner Fabrice and their 3-year-old globe-trotter Clémence.