Boutique Hotel Owner: Jayson H. Seidman

Founder & Managing Partner of Sandstone, Hotel Saint Vincent, The Drifter

Jayson Seidman is the Founder and Principal Managing Partner of Sandstone and its various affiliates, Drifter Hotels and The BasicĀ®. Jayson has accumulated years of experience working for Goldman Sachs, LNR Property (now Starwood Capital), Credit Suisse, and most recently as the Head of Development for SHVO in New York. He has gained key knowledge concerning the financial implications and methods for developing ground-up or repositioning a property through pragmatic creative approaches, smart sustainable design, and problem mitigation.

His wide-ranging real estate knowledge includes a strong background in hotel finance, operations, design development, asset and portfolio management. He also possesses insight of acquisitions, as well as the structuring of capital for complex real estate transactions. Recent projects include 3 hotels in New Orleans; The Columns, The Drifter, and the Hotel Saint Vincent. In addition, his 4 Texas hotel properties; East Austin Hotel, The Thunderbird Marfa, The Basic Marfa, and Hotel Ranch Motel in San Antonio (currently under renovation).

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