Boutique Hotel Owner: Jeff Klein

Founder of JK Hotel Group

A passionate advocate of high standards and flawless service, hotelier and restaurateur Jeff Klein began his work in the luxury hospitality industry at the Gotham Hospitality Group. In 2000 he embarked on a venture of his own, launching the stylish City Club in New York City. Klein’s professionalism and ability to cater to a customer’s every need made the City Club an overnight success. In addition to City Club, the hotel’s award-winning DB Bistro Moderne, with Executive Chef Daniel Boulud, also received rave reviews. Praised by The New York Times and New York Post, and recipient of the prestigious James Beard Foundation award, DB Bistro immediately became a hit among locals and guests. Klein was also a partner in the classic NYC bar & eatery Monkey Bar. 

With his celebrated renovation and redesign of the L.A. landmark Sunset Tower Hotel, Klein quickly gained a reputation for delivering both exceptional cuisine and service. “Although the Tower Bar serves five-star cuisine, the essence of the restaurant stays true to L.A. flavor with fresh ingredients that create simple but flavorful dishes,” says Klein. “Whether at the Tower Bar or DB Bistro, each guest can expect not only to be surrounded by the most beautiful design but also impeccable service and superlative food.”

In 2018, along with embarking on a major redesign of Sunset Tower, JK Hotel Group debuted two more properties in Los Angeles, the private membership club San Vicente Bungalows, and Hotel 850, a 23 room “cozy-chic” boutique hotel inspired by European guest houses. Both properties feature interiors by renowned British designer Rita Konig and continue Klein’s commitment to offering the utmost in service, style and comfort to his guests.

Klein’s dedication to first-class service in all aspects of his business, from hotels to restaurants, underscores his unique understanding of the finer points of luxury. His ability to accept nothing less than the best is precisely why travelers and diners flock to his hotels and dine at his restaurants. 

Check out some images of Jeff’s boutique hotels