Boutique Hotel Owner: Manfredi Rizzuto

Founder of Susafa

My name is Manfredi and I am the second born of four children. Giulia is the oldest, Tommaso and Sara the youngest, and we are descendants of Gioac­chino Saeli, the fifth generation of Saelis.

After our great great grandfather Gioacchino, the great grandfather Manfredo and grandpa Gino, with their respective wives, all decided to move back here eventually, my mother Maria Grazia and my father Mario decided to do the same, to go back to their origins. Us kids, we were still very young and, after I finished my studies, I had an obvious thirst for ad­venture, and the need to explore the world. I moved to Canada, where I met my wife, then we moved to Belgium and it was right there, while living in a less contaminated reality than the city one we were used to, that I re-evaluated our past and the opportunity for inner growth, which could be achieved only by managing a place as magical as Susafa.

I’ve always thought that you need to be free to leave in order to be able to come back. My brothers and I, grew up with my mother’s stories of the Masse­ria; she managed to pass on to us a sense of belong­ing, one that can be understood only by those who had left their life here, in such a unique and uncon­taminated place, where time seems still, or at least slowed down by emotions, although perhaps, to understand it, you need to miss it in the first place.

Susafa, when me and by brothers started manag­ing it, making ecological, natural and environment-friendly choices, was the result of adding up what four generations had done, and us, as the fifth one, we can finally feel proud to have been able to revive those traditions, taking a step back into our history.

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