Boutique Hotel Owner: Michelle Barnet

Founder & Chief Pineapple Officer of Pineapple Hospitality Company

Michelle Barnet is an innovative deal-maker who has an astute understanding of the hospitality business from a real estate and hotel operations side. Michelle’s career in hospitality started right after she completed the UNLV College of Hospitality program. Michelle then joined Westin Hotels’ vigorous hands-on Manager Training program. She progressed quickly, earning corporate roles in sales & marketing. Michelle briefly left the hospitality industry to join her family’s real estate business, where she developed an infrastructure to support several mixed-use real estate assets. As she looked to diversify the assets and leverage the opportunities she saw, Michelle returned to the hospitality industry, purchasing and growing a portfolio of three hotels and contracting with a hotel management company. In 2010 Michelle decided to create her vision in a hotel and took the necessary steps to build The Maxwell Hotel and start her own management company, Pineapple Hospitality, driven by the need she saw clearly to focus on the owner’s interest and improve the guest experience. This decision led to the creation of the Staypineapple brand. Innovative standards of the hotel brand include The Naked Experience, Afternoon Delights, and the development of the Core Reservations Center that receives all incoming guest calls so the hotel guest-facing team members can focus entirely on the guest.

“Staypineapple sees every guest individually, no two have the same needs or desire the same experience. The boutique movement truly allows us the time to hear each guest and then deliver a specially crafted experience. That is the essence of boutique hotels.”

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