Boutique Hotel Owner: Natasha Drisdelle

Co-Founder & CEO of Lord & Liberty Hotels

Natasha Drisdelle comes from a rich background of hospitality, service, and business development. Her experience in luxury boutique hotels led her family to Nashville where she and her husband, a former Senior Engineer for Apple, have launched Lord & Liberty, a hotel tech startup with its first urban resort opening in downtown Nashville in 2023.

Always looking to push the envelope on what’s possible, Natasha believes that hotels are mistakingly embracing technology in a way that detracts from human connection instead of using data to create meaningful connections between staff and guests. With 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, she is known to inspire others to give, and be, their best and has assembled an incredible team of hospitality experts who are poised to shake up the industry like never before.

Having learned the hard way that business success should never come at the expense of personal success, Natasha is a proud wife of 20 years and grateful mother of 3. When not leading the Lord & Liberty team, Natasha can be found reading, cooking ethnic cuisines, or practicing Krav Maga with her teenage sons.

Check out some images of Natasha’s boutique hotel