Boutique Hotel Owner: Sarah Sklash

Co-Founder & Motelier of The June Motel

Sarah Sklash is the co-founder of The June Motel. Prior to becoming a motelier, Sarah spent a decade working in public service, with a focus on vital statistics. During her time in government, Sarah focused on creating customer-centric, efficient processes. She continues to focus on keeping operations running smoothly at The June and is always seeking to make the guest experience as great as possible. She also finds a decade of government experience useful in navigating all the government interactions required as an entrepreneur. Splitting her time between Montreal and Prince Edward County, Sarah is a graduate of Ivey Business School. Most recently, she and her co-founder April Brown were the subject of a Netflix series – Motel Makeover – that followed their renovation of The June Sauble Beach.

Sarah is a passionate traveler, and believes that the moment you first open the doors to a new hotel room is the best feeling in the world. A globe-trotter through and through, Sarah has lived in Australia, Belgium, France, Hong Kong and Israel. Her passions include design and good wine; holding that the best design decisions come from moments when we’re doubting whether we’ve gone too far. Further hobbies of Sarah’s include skiing, leisurely bike rides, and of course, travel.

Check out some images of Sarah’s boutique hotel