Boutique Hotel Owner: Sims Foster

Co-Founder of Foster Supply Hospitality

Sims Foster is a Hotelier and Restaurateur with deep expertise in his chosen profession. He is a Co-Founder, along with his wife and partner Kirsten Harlow Foster, of Foster Supply Hospitality.

Foster Supply’s current portfolio is spread across Sullivan County and North East Pennsylvania and is comprised of The Arnold House, The North Branch Inn, Nine River Road, The DeBruce, The Cabin at Hessinger-Lare, Piccolo Paese, Kenoza Hall and Hotel Darby. 

Prior to launching Foster Supply Hospitality, Sims spent two decades working in national and global hotel and restaurant operations and development. He was a Senior Vice President at Commune Hotels and Resorts, Vice President at Denihan Hospitality, & Director of Operations of Country. Sims has been part of concepting, developing and operating hotels in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, London, Cabo San Lucas, Playa del Carmen and many other major markets.

Perhaps most important to Sims was taking his hard earned experience in the industry and utilizing it to bring change to the area he loves the best, the Catskills and Hudson Valley. He grew up in Livingston Manor in Sullivan County and he and and Kirsten’s two children are the 5th Generation to call it home. 

Sims is a Board Member and current Chairman of the Sullivan County Visitor’s Association, a Board Member of the Catskill Fly Fishing Center, a Board Member of the Sullivan County Land Bank and also sits on the Board of the Lazarre and Charlotte Kaplan Foundation.

He and Kirsten also are Founders and Directors of the not for profit, A Single Bite, which is working to eradicate food insecurity in Sullivan County along with building a long term educational foundation to educate children about real food and the choices they make around it.

Check out some images of Sims’s boutique hotels