Boutique Hotel Owner: Valentina De Santis

CEO of Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Valentina De Santis is young, talented, and embodies all of the superb style and hospitality you would expect from the owner and CEO of Grand Hotel Tremezzo. This stunning hotel with spa and gardens, and their own in-the-lake swimming pool and beach is located in Tremezzo, one of the villages that dot Italy’s famed Lake Como. It has exquisite views of the lake and mountains, scattered villas and magical Bellagio across Lake Como. Committed to her role as CEO, Valentina’s broad experience in hospitality management and cultural entertainment in evidence as De Santis graduated from the University of Milan in 2007 after completing three years and receiving a B.A. in Business Administration, followed by two years for her Master of Science in General Management, including a semester abroad in Minneapolis. A hands-on motivator, she excels in design; and the hotel has a palatial architecture, extraordinary colors in the main lobby, lounge and Billiards room, while the sleeping rooms, spa and restaurants are chic and elegant. To those who know her in the hospitality industry, Valentina is innovative and inspiring. With over 100 years of divine charm, Valentina’s family has owned the hotel since 1975, bringing traditional hospitality from her Italian family throughout the years. Growing up as the modern-day Eloise, present day CEO, Valentina is viewed as an inspiring and strong woman leading the spirit behind the storied Lake Como hideaway in the hospitality industry and has been nominated among the top five hoteliers in the world by Virtuoso advisors. 

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