Boutique Hotel Owner: Yoshitaka Nojiri

Founder & President of TRUNK Co, Trunk Hotel

Yoshitaka Nojiri is the founder and president of TRUNK, a boutique hotel brand based in Tokyo, which currently operates two properties in the city, TRUNK(HOTEL) and TRUNK(HOUSE), which respectively opened in 2017 and 2019. Getting into this business, he aims to explore all the under-developed possibilities of the notion of hospitality, which should not be seen only as a basic and unilateral connection between guests and hosts, but as the basement of all relationships between individuals and communities, society, nature, things, time, and space. With TRUNK, he aspires to blow innovation into the industry and offer highly creative, meaningful, and mindful experiences of Japan through each of its properties. His international journey has brought him to stay in more than 2,000 hotels and to build strong friendships with hoteliers and travelers from all over the world. Born and raised in Tokyo, Yoshitaka Nojiri is also known for having successfully reshaped the entire Japanese wedding industry with TAKE and GIVE NEEDS, the company he established in 1998 at the age of 26. He brought on the market the innovative concept of “private house wedding” which he expanded later to resorts and other Asian markets. Yoshitaka Nojiri is graduated from Meiji University where he also served as specially invited professor of the Faculty of Economics.

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