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Boutique Hotels Use Creative Technology for Memorable Experiences

Boutique hotels surprise guests through thoughtful design and creative concepts. At World Cinema, we support boutique hotels with creative technology...

Boutique hotels surprise guests through thoughtful design and creative concepts. At World Cinema, we support boutique hotels with creative technology to further their brand image and awareness. Our unique solutions help boutique hotels “wow” their guests and showcase the property’s extraordinary features. We would like to take a moment to highlight a few novel design ideas enhanced by technology. 

In-Room Entertainment Advances Wellness Initiatives 

Boutique hotels are known for their unique ability to really take care of their guests. Personalized service is key to providing exceptional experiences for boutique guests. Lately, travelers are focused on improving their mental and physical wellness through activities like purposeful mindfulness and meditation. World Cinema helps boutique hotels provide accessible wellness solutions to increase guest satisfaction. 

WCI partners with DISH Programming to bring in-room entertainment and customizable channel line-ups. New data highlights the positive impact of routine on both physical and mental health, especially in times of uncertainty. Travelling can be a stressful experience for many people, especially with today’s varying rules and mandates. As even the most seasoned travelers begin to venture out after years at home, their unfamiliarity with today’s travel conditions can cause significant concern and unease. Hoteliers can ease guest anxiety by providing in-room entertainment solutions to accommodate unique needs and routines. Guests report they feel more comfortable and at home when they can continue their morning routine of watching the news or catching up on sports highlights in their rooms.  

Travelers are also looking for new experiences and innovative ways to advance their mental and physical health. Recently, the media have emphasized the importance of thoughtful reflection and introspection, encouraging people to heighten their senses with meditation and purposeful mindfulness. Streaming services like Netflix and YouTube now provide guided meditation for viewers through services like Headspace. These guided sessions can help guests relax and unwind in a new, thoughtful way. Boutique hotels can provide creative wellness solutions through streaming and casting services with World Cinema

The WorldVue platform includes our Relax application. This program includes a library of specialty channels, providing hours of relaxation, meditation, yoga, sleep, and background video programming. Minimize intrusive noise levels and encourage healthful sleep patterns, promote productivity, and reduce stress with the Relax application through WorldVue

Additionally, hotels with on-site gyms and yoga or spin classes can take advantage of the Live Stream function of WorldVue. Guests can enjoy hotel amenities in the comfort of their own rooms, reducing social anxiety and promoting physical wellness. Furthermore, the Live Stream channel can be password-protected in the event that a guided class is a premium hotel amenity. Live streaming is another way World Cinema provides advanced solutions for wellness-centric guests. 

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Enhance Customer Service with Advanced Technology 

The key to personalization is in the creation of a memorable experience. Today, the hospitality industry can create thoughtful, meaningful connections with guests by reducing time spent performing mundane, mindless tasks like data entry and monitoring. World Cinema connects properties to artificial intelligence and surveillance cameras to automatically monitor public areas, reducing the need for additional eyes on the lobby or bar. The influx of guest-centric technology empowers hoteliers to provide superior customer service. WorldVue handles the behind-the-scenes tasks and gives hotel staff the time to make meaningful connections with customers. WCI is committed to providing time-saving solutions for hotels. Through updated technology, hotels can provide exceptional service in addition to clean, sanitized surroundings. When technology takes care of the mundane details, hoteliers can focus their energy where it matters: The Guest. The WorldVue Housekeeping App saves the hotel team time by providing quick, easy-to-read statistics and time-sensitive updates for each room. 

Thoughtful technology solutions like curated in-room playlists and personalized welcome messaging enable hoteliers to interact with customers more than ever before. Superior customer service is not just the formal greetings when a guest enters the hotel; it involves going above and beyond to make an impact on a guest’s stay. 

Instead of calling down to the front desk, guests can use their television to order room service, book spa appointments, make dinner reservations and ask for more towels, blankets, or additional services. With the WorldVue in-room concierge service, guests can utilize the most advanced room entertainment and hospitality technology available. Additionally, hotels can provide real-time weather reports and updated flight data on their in-house channel, so guests can always stay connected with their stay from the comfort of their bed. Checkout is easier than ever, giving guests the option to view their bill and checkout minutes before they step out the door from their TV screen. 

At World Cinema, we bring the 24/7 convenience of an on-screen concierge. Hotel management can provide interactive graphics with digital signage in the lobby or add curated recommendations directly through the guests’ television set. Our WorldVue platform is created and managed in-house, so the hotel management team has the creative freedom to offer guests whatever experience they choose.  With unique ideas and design components, boutique hotels can offer guests just a little more than they expect. For instance, at the W Punta de Mita hotel in Mexico, Vallin there is a designated “Instagram concierge” who advises guests on the best places to take a memorable photo. The concierge knows the best backgrounds and lighting for that Instagram-ready pose. This creative solution encourages guests to stand in a particular area that highlights the hotel’s best features. Boutique hotels can utilize this concept by setting up displays that encourage guests to pose and capture the moment. Aesthetically pleasing displays entice guests to post pictures of them on the property. Furthermore, hotels can provide a hashtag or a free giveaway for guests that mention the property on their social channels. Our alliance partnership with Four Winds Interactive enables us to provide creative technology solutions to enhance the guest experience. Creative solutions are the way of the future, and World Cinema is here to help hotels across the country to take the plunge. 

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