What Food & Beverage Companies Can Do Now

While real recovery may be a few months off, in conversations with clients and industry friends, we hear a dedication to weathering the storm and emerging stronger from it. Companies that have the foresight and can afford it have determined the successful way forward demands commitment, not dithering; planning, not scrambling. Many independents seem driven […]

The Comeback of the Travel Agent

How Travel Agents Could Be one of the Driving Forces That Helps Save the Industry The impact of the coronavirus continues to have reverberations throughout the world. On top of the devastating medical toll, certain industries are feeling the damaging financial consequences as well. Perhaps the industry most impacted by this disease is travel and […]

The Boutique Hotel’s Guide to the CARES Act

As Boutique Hotels navigate the current crisis climate, it can be overwhelming to know “what to do.”BLLA recently partnered with Lockton Companies to provide Boutique Hotels the right guidance. The CARES Act was first on our list, review our tips below. Originally posted on March 31, 2020

Crisis Guide Recap: Insurance

To bring as much information as possible to the forefront during these concerning times, BLLA has partnered with Lockton Global – the world’s largest independent insurance brokerage firm – to assemble this webinar hosted on March 27, 2020. In it, Lockton’s experts touch on several critical topics crucial to boutique business owners. Potential for Unprecedented […]

Crisis Guide Recap: Design & Architecture

BLLA gathered a panel of boutique hotel design and architecture professionals to discuss a number of pressing questions regarding how the pandemic will impact these aspects of the business. Founder of AEJ Collective, Amy Jakubowski moderated the panel, which included President of The Gettys Group, Andrew Fay and Principal at Gensler, Tom Ito. Together, they addressed critical questions to build […]

How to Boost Hotel Employee’s Spirits during COVID-19

The number one predictor of happiness is human connection. Specifically, this means spending time with people that you care about and who care about you. During this difficult time of social distancing, people are feeling isolated and disconnected. Therefore, it is imperative that hoteliers find alternative ways to connect with their staff one-on-one as much […]

How to Best Communicate with Your Team in Uncertain Times

I’ve been liaising with a number of frenzied hotel managers over the last few days who are faced with closing down food and beverage outlets, rebooking hotel guests, negotiating cancellations for groups (and praying said groups will postpone versus completely cancel), and considering the potential short and long-term furlough of workers. These are unprecedented times […]

F&B: Our New Reality

Jody Pennette is a member of the #BoutiqueStrong Councilcreated by BLLA (Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association) and StayBoutique™ Take this article’s one question survey! For a successful change to take hold in the full-service restaurant industry as we attempt to grapple with our new reality, we might have to do more than just change the furniture layout…we need to […]

Eight Boutique Hotel Marketing Tips

To say the least, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a stressful, uncertain time for boutique hotel owners around the world. While so many are struggling with thoughts of layoffs, losses and perhaps even mourning, the prospect of marketing endeavors can seem like a part of the distant past. However, losing your marketing steam now can […]

David Bowd: To Boutique Hoteliers Around the World

Ariela graciously asked me if I would contribute to this new blog and it is my total pleasure – actually it is a bit of a godsend during what has been the most trying week of my 36 year hospitality career. When I say trying, I think a better word to use is emotional. The […]