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Cigno: An Enclave in Merida to Get Away from Everyday Life and Enjoy the Richness of the Yucatan Peninsula

This boutique hotel, located in the central district of La Ermita, welcomes travelers with its rubric of the most absolute hospitality free from arti...

This boutique hotel, located in the central district of La Ermita, welcomes travelers with its rubric of the most absolute hospitality free from artifices and a full agenda with plans for nature lovers, history amateurs and sybarites

MÉRIDA, YUCATÁN. MEXICO. Rediscovering Merida from one of its most emblematic neighborhoods in the historic downtown, enjoying the traditions and authentic flavors of the local cuisine and embarking on journeys to meet the majestic nature of the Yucatan Peninsula are the distinctive traits of the hospitality rubric that Cigno boutique hotel offers to contemporary nomads.

Surrounded by the cobbled streets of the Barrio de la Ermita, Cigno welcomes travelers in its stately 19th century Yucatecan mansion. Behind its facade of eclectic neoclassical style emerges an absolute comfort haven recovering the original elements of a building with high ceilings and handcrafted mosaic floors.

Its 10 rooms and suites are located in a contemporary structure, which harmonizes with the overall setting, and which stands out with its honest rusticity resulting from the chukum on its walls and the use of organic materials, like tropical woods and natural textures carefully crafted by cabinetmakers and artisans from the nearby localities.

In Cocina, the hotel’s restaurant, chef Angel Pelaez recreates recipes that convey the richness of his knowledge, acquired throughout his career in the hearth of many destinations in Mexico and resulting in dishes that emphasize the flavor of home-cooked food with fresh and seasonal ingredients. Among the essentials of the menu are: the catch of the day, served with green mole, sautéed corn grains, watercress, green vegetables and Cambray onion, and Valladolid eggs with longaniza sauce, coriander flowers and Kalamata olive powder.

Fans of enology and mixology find a special corner in Cigno’s “Speakeasy” Aljibe, a secret cava where enjoying spirits, beers, wines and original mixtures is an unprecedented experience.

The accommodation experience is enriched with activities that invite you to discover the gastronomy, the history and the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. For those who want to delve into the traditions of the original inhabitants, a cooking visit to a Mayan village is proposed, where roots and ancestral culture meet in an activity in which food is prepared and savored at a family’s table in a nearby village.

Cycling through the streets of the city’s downtown area to appreciate its most emblematic buildings – such as the Cathedral of San Ildefonso, the Canton Palace, the Twin Houses and the Monument to the Homeland – is an option for those who want to get to know Yucatan’s capital city at a leisurely pace.
Adventurous spirits will find in the cenotes an opportunity to admire the jungle vegetation and perform an underwater photo session with a specialized team of divers. The crystal clear waters and impressive underground caves will be the frame for capturing images that will remain engraved in the travelers’ memory.

Thanks to its hospitality and different experiences, Cigno is a haven that pays homage to the past and present of Merida.


Located in the popular Barrio de la Ermita in the Historic Center of Merida, Hotel Cigno is just a few steps from La Ermita de Santa Isabel church.

The stately architecture of the 19th-century mansion offers an experience of vernacular sophistication with elements that pay homage to the past and legacy of the ancestral cultures of the Yucatan Peninsula. In its 10 rooms and suites, comfort is enjoyed in a peaceful atmosphere without artifice.

The accommodation experience is complemented by the culinary concept of the Cocina restaurant, run by Chef Ángel Peláez, who brings to the table the authentic flavors of local gastronomy, and by the outstanding selection of wines from the Aljibe cellar.

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