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Finding the Right Wellness Solutions Partner

Today, more people are focused on their mental and physical well-being than before. The shift to prioritize well-being has changed how we live, work,...

Today, more people are focused on their mental and physical well-being than before. The shift to prioritize well-being has changed how we live, work, and even which hotel they choose. Guests actively seek lodgings that align with their lifestyle habits, including wellness and recovery.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a wellness spa to provide wellness solutions. By partnering with the right wellness experts, you can support your guests’ well-being. With many health & wellness companies popping up, you may be wondering, “what makes for the right partner?” 

First, you want to choose a partner rooted in science and technology. Chiropractor and wellness expert Dr. Jason Werland believes that wellness products are more effective by using data and cutting-edge tech. Beware of knockoff items. If they’re not backed by science, they won’t be good for your guests. Which wouldn’t be ideal for you.

Second, your partner should offer an array of health and recovery solutions. The more robust the therapeutic offering, the better. Companies that provide recovery solutions such as percussive therapy, pneumatic compression therapy, vibration therapy, electric stimulation therapy and CBD topicals would be a great partner. These wellness solutions can provide deep muscle massages, boost circulation, and reduce tension. When you work with a partner who offers multiple solutions and services–instead of multiple partners who offer one solution each–you create a more holistic experience within your hotel. Plus, you’ll save time and cut down on calls when communicating with one partner. 

And lastly, you want to ensure they provide expertise on how to deliver professional treatments and drive sales through unique guest experiences and retail. Education for all staff is also key for success, so it’s best to make sure your partner can provide quality education in various formats. An excellent way to know they are experts in wellness is to make sure they are an established partner with experience working with reputable brands in the hospitality and spa space while also being known in the consumer space. A partner of this caliber will work with you to provide a customized guest experience. This could include, in-room recovery solution packages, to pop up stretch and recovery stations, to specialized spa treatments if available at your hotel, or even pool-side relaxation amenities. Bringing technology that is at the forefront of wellness onto your property will not only be a valuable amenity but also add a feel of luxury to your hotel. With guests associating your hotel as a getaway for relaxation and recovery, they’ll be happy to leave positive reviews and tell their friends about their experience. 

As an independent boutique hotel, you can transform your guest experience with a suite of one-of-a-kind wellness solutions. Whether it be at check-in, the fitness center, or during a spa treatment, you can leverage the expertise and products of a wellness company to create bespoke solutions that differentiate your business in the competitive landscape.

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