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Health and Wellness Supports a Great Hotel Stay

by Dina Belon, COO of Staypineapple Hotels The Hospitality industry strives to provide excellent customer service, luxurious accommodations and exq...

by Dina Belon, COO of Staypineapple Hotels

The Hospitality industry strives to provide excellent customer service, luxurious accommodations and exquisite cuisine. However one of the most essential aspects that is often overlooked is health and wellness, for both guests and employees. In recent years, the industry has started to recognize the importance of promoting health and wellness as an enhancement of the overall guest experience, as well as to improve employee satisfaction and productivity, which leads to better staff retention. This is a great step in the right direction, but there is still much to do. 

The three main components of staying happy and healthy are sleep, hydration and movement. Each area plays a vital role in promoting physical and mental well-being, which can translate into a positive guest experience and a more productive and engaged workforce.  

Sleep is crucial to a healthy lifestyle, and it has a significant impact on physical and mental health. Lack of sleep can lead to fatigue, decreased performance and poor decision-making skills. Travelers are more likely to have disrupted sleep patterns due to time zone changes, unfamiliar surroundings and noisy environments. Providing comfortable and quiet accommodations, along with easy ways to stay hydrated and active, can help guests get the rest they need to enjoy their stay.  A great night’s sleep is essential to a good hotel stay, and that all starts with the bed. At Staypineapple we have a branded and curated bedding package called “The Naked Experience” that allows guests to sleep so well they don’t remember it.  

For team members, irregular and prolonged work hours can disrupt their sleep patterns, leading to exhaustion and decreased job performance. Employers can provide education and resources to help team members manage their sleep by promoting healthy sleep habits. Maintaining consistent scheduling as much as possible also alleviates any disruption of staff’s routines. Even a night auditor can have a well-rested experience if they stick to a regular schedule. And it doesn’t hurt to make quality bedding accessible to employees, such as Staypineapple’s approach of offering heavily discounted high-end mattresses and “The Naked Experience” products.

Hydration is also a critical aspect that hoteliers often overlook as a positive influencer on the guests’ behavior. In most hotels, bottled water is available at a heavily inflated price. Instead, hoteliers should provide hydration options that are free, easily accessible and inviting. This supports guests in making healthy decisions that will enhance their experience while traveling. At Staypineapple, we provide a complimentary prefilled reusable aluminum water bottle in the guestroom and a water bar refill station with still, sparking and hot water in the lobby.  Hoteliers may not have really done anything wrong, but can still receive a negative review about a guest’s terrible night’s sleep, which can be directly impacted by lack of hydration.   

For team members as well, dehydration can lead to fatigue, headaches and decreased cognitive function. Providing access to clean and fresh water and offering healthy beverage choices can promote hydration and overall health. Substantial water consumption throughout the day is so important, particularly for team members that have very physical jobs such as housekeeping, engineering and F&B. Providing reusable water bottles to your team members and hydration stations is a great way to make sure they are getting the water they need to ensure a productive day. 

Movement and staying active are also essential for physical and mental well-being. In the hospitality industry, guests and some employees often spend long hours sitting, which can lead to physical discomfort and decreased productivity. Employers can encourage movement by providing standing desks, offering exercise classes or gym memberships and promoting walking or biking to work.

For hotel guests, providing free bicycles for their use can encourage light exercise instead of jumping in that Uber to go 10 blocks. For those guests with a little more enthusiasm for cycling, providing recommended bike routes that take them to some of the area hot spots is a great opportunity to engage guests and provide extra value. At Staypineapple we incorporate all the ideas discussed as a holistic health and wellness program that helps to create a better guest experience overall. 

In conclusion, promoting health and wellness in the hospitality industry is essential for both guests and employees. By focusing on sleep, hydration and movement, hoteliers can enhance the guest experience, improve employee satisfaction and retention, and promote overall well-being. By prioritizing health and wellness, the hospitality industry can continue to provide exceptional service and experiences for years to come.

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