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Hiring & HR Experts to Gather in Chicago at Hireology’s Annual Hiring Summit, Elevate

Struggling to hire and retain talent at your hotel? Are these challenges impacting your ability to book your rooms to capacity and keep guests happy?...

Struggling to hire and retain talent at your hotel? Are these challenges impacting your ability to book your rooms to capacity and keep guests happy? If so, consider attending Hireology’s annual hiring and HR summit, Elevate, to learn modern recruiting and hiring best practices from leaders in the hiring space. The event is set to take place in person in Chicago for the first time since 2019, and we’d love to see you there! Registration is now open.

At Elevate 2022, you’ll hear from hiring and HR experts across all industries who will guide you through creating a modern people strategy that will empower you to hire and retain top talent and stand out amongst your competitors. As hiring in today’s post-pandemic market continues to prove challenging, anything you can do to refresh your recruiting and hiring practices can go a long way in building a better team for your organization.

What you’ll take away from Elevate 2022

Elevate is all about bringing experts together to give you real and actionable advice on how to revamp your hiring efforts and start filling your open roles with better talent faster. More specifically, you’ll learn:

How to connect with more qualified talent

Today’s job seekers have newfound expectations for the job search and work itself. They want jobs that meet their needs for flexibility, growth, and fulfillment. And they want the process for applying to and interviewing for jobs to be easy and convenient. At Elevate, you’ll get real, actionable advice on exactly how you can redesign your jobs and modernize your recruiting strategies to meet today’s job seekers where they are with opportunities they actually want.

Tips & tricks for speeding up your hiring process

Gone are the days of long, drawn out hiring processes. Job seekers do not have to wait around for you — they have the upper hand. If you take too long to respond to their application, ask them to come in-person for multiple interviews, make them wait weeks for a final decision, you will lose them to competitors. Today hiring has to move fast. And at Elevate, you’ll learn how to streamline your processes without cutting corners or making poor fit hires. 

Fresh retention techniques 

Over the last 18 months, employers across all industries have witnessed unprecedented levels of turnover. That’s because the pandemic shook things up, and workers today have new expectations for work and more options than ever before. As an employer looking to curb the costs associated with high turnover, this means you need to work extra hard to keep your best folks around. At Elevate, you’ll hear from experts and get the results of a recent Hireology survey of job seekers to uncover new techniques for building long-term loyalty and retention at your business.

Elevate 2022 session topics

The schedule of events will include sessions that cover the following topics:

  • Industry-leading speakers will be announced weekly as we lead up to the event.
  • The Great Reassessment — A look at what you can do to win based on exclusive industry research from Hireology
  • Building Back after the Pandemic — Why building your best team is key to recovering from pandemic-related losses 
  • Unique sourcing strategies — How to tackle today’s competitive and difficult hiring market
  • Retention — How to put people first and curb turnover among today’s new generation of workers
  • Leadership — A playbook for developing talent and fostering exceptional leaders for years to come

This will be our largest Elevate conference to date, allowing for all industries to participate with and be guided by titans in the hiring space. Register today!

As a reminder, Hireology is an all-in-one hiring and HR platform built specifically for businesses like hotels. Take a product tour to see our platform in action!

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