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How to Leverage Hotel Personnel in Your Media Relations Strategy

In an industry of flights, food and festivities, moving the travel experience off site and online was a challenge for travel and lifestyle communicat...

In an industry of flights, food and festivities, moving the travel experience off site and online was a challenge for travel and lifestyle communicators in 2020. When the physical experience itself is essential to familiarizing media and consumers with your brand, how do you replicate this for a digital world? The answer lies within — media want answers, and hotel professionals have them.

Your future guests want to hear from you as an expert. They want to be assured and informed. They might even want to know how to make that one recipe from room service (at home). In comes your hotel personnel. Incorporating your own team as a resource in your communications strategy is an intuitive, no-cost way to position your hotel in the competitive media landscape. When a team member is credited as a thought leader, future guests will have your brand top of mind. More than that, by highlighting the human power behind your property, it makes your brand feel intimate, personalized and approachable.

First, consider how you want to position your brand and what you want to emphasize. Get creative and highlight the best aspects of your brand.

  • Does the hotel have any noteworthy developments? Did you recently open or undergo renovations? This is a story in itself. Your hotel manager or senior executives can be media resources for insights on how to open or reopen a hotel in a pandemic.
  • What makes your property stand out? Maybe you have a new amenity or quirky ethos. Do you have an exclusive spa treatment, an award-winning vegan chef, or a signature lobby scent? Bring out the personnel behind these amenities. A specialist like an onsite sommelier or onsite shaman can illustrate the unique elements only your hotel can offer — the more unique, the better.

Think hyperspecific, but also think broadly. Imagine coverage beyond travel and into niche topics. A food podcast might want to cover tips on eating healthy while traveling — this is an opportunity to showcase your Chef. A business outlet might have a column on the daily routines of CEOs — think of your senior executives. A fashion magazine might have a roundup of best souvenirs to purchase online — call on your retail team.

Stay on top of holidays, trends and media buzz to tie in your personnel to these conversations. A holiday like International Women’s Day can be an opportunity to highlight the women on your team. For National Relaxation Day, highlight your spa director or onsite yoga instructor.

Earn media buzz with the individuals that make your brand unique. By thinking creatively, leveraging hotel personnel in your media relations strategy will strengthen your brand positioning and get heads in beds.

Written by BLLA Member:
Marissa Labadie of CIIC PR

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