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Keeping up with the Increased Demand on Technology – OPEX vs CAPEX

With over 1.8 million leisure and hospitality employees leaving the industry since 2020, a period called the Great Resignation, hoteliers have faced ...

With over 1.8 million leisure and hospitality employees leaving the industry since 2020, a period called the Great Resignation, hoteliers have faced incredible pressure balancing their services with available staff. Boutique hoteliers have had to be creative with staff compensation and retention while continuing to invest in digital transformation using technology to fill the staffing gaps and deliver a profitable guest experience.

Delivering the Digital Guest Experience

Boutique Hoteliers are investing capital in an end-to-end digital tech stack which starts with their Booking Engine, PMS & POS Systems, Mobile Digital Guest App which automates the Check in- out process, room upgrades, Digital key, In-Room Controls (HVAC, Lighting, Shades, TVs), Digital Concierge Services and Connectivity to make it all work seamlessly. For over three years, Kohost has been delivering an end-to-end digital guest journey to our boutique hotel clients, providing a hotel branded app that integrates with all PMS and POS systems as well as non-proprietary smart in-room technologies. Our partners include Schneider Electric, Albireo Energy, Salto, Mews, GoTab, Sonifi and hundreds of other partners.

In order for technology to not only work today but be future proof to meet the demands of guest streaming, you must have a robust carrier grade network that will accommodate the bandwidth requirements for guest devices and wireless technologies. Kohost’s newest eco-partner SBA Communications delivers the entire carrier-grade managed network to a boutique hotel (Internet, WiFi and Digital Content) with all in room technology including the PMS, POS and Guest App.

When a hotelier looks to complete their end-to-end digital guest journey from App to IoT technologies in the guest room, having the capital to deploy the technology almost always seems to be the major hurdle. Kohost and our eco-partners have the solution.

OPEX vs CAPEX Program

Under SBA’s OPEX program brought to you by Kohost, so as long as the SBA Managed Network is installed, boutique owners can conserve their capital for facility improvements and shift their entire technology spend under a 10 Year Managed Network OPEX program. As a part of this OPEX program, all Tech Refresh to the Wifi network is included, so any new developments in WiFi 7,8 and beyond, as well as 5G will not require you to lay out any additional capital for 10 years. No Initial Capital Outlay for Technology Day 1. No future Capital Outlay for keeping up with technology changes.  

No More DAS- PassPoint is the Future

With PassPoint technology built into the SBA network, there is no longer a need to install an expensive DAS Distributed Antenna System for cell services throughout your property. Your SBA installed and managed WiFi antennas will communicate with all guest cell phones using the latest PassPoint technology built into new mobile phones and managed. A guest no longer has to authenticate to the hotels network, as their phones credentials are seamlessly passed onto your network.


There is a new SBA RevShare component that will offset your OPEX program. SBA’s Roof Top Program, as well as the new PassPoint Wifi Calling provides a RevShare program to the hotel owners. Under a site marketing agreement, SBA installs rooftop antennas for all carriers and shares the revenue that is generated under long term carrier agreements with the hotel owner. PassPoint RevShare, exclusive to SBA is targeted for 2024.

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