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Reimagining Global Hospitality – The AI Hotel of the Future

BLLA proudly presents a new book from a coveted partner, KiwiTech: "Reimagining Global Hospitality: Envisaging the AI Hotel of the Future." Writte...

BLLA proudly presents a new book from a coveted partner, KiwiTech: “Reimagining Global Hospitality: Envisaging the AI Hotel of the Future.” Written by the author trio Alexander Mirza, Sahar Cain and Gurvinder Batra, this book investigates the tremendous impact of artificial intelligence on the hospitality sector and offers a strategic roadmap for the future.

Key Highlights:

Strategic Challenges: The book fearlessly addresses challenges faced in the hospitality industry, from undifferentiated brands to workforce shortages and sustainability concerns.

AI-Driven Hotels: Providing a comprehensive roadmap for building AI-driven hotels, the authors emphasize the integration of automation, robotics, and the expertise of hospitality professionals.

Workforce Management: A focus on leveraging technology to create a talent pool within the industry, addressing the pressing challenges of workforce management.

Customer Experience: Exploring the use of artificial intelligence to create distinctive customer experiences and increase customer satisfaction.

Sustainability and Global Impact: Focusing on the role of policymakers, the book explores reducing carbon emissions and the necessity of sustainable practices in the hospitality sector.

Innovative Growth: The book envisions industry growth through ecotourism and the incorporation of Indigenous cultural experiences into the hospitality landscape.

Authors Spotlight:

Alexander Mirza: The Founder & CEO of Mogul Hotels and Residences, a technology and branding company transforming hospitality through AI, is a seasoned professional with 25 years’ experience in Fortune 500 corporations and startups, contributing to the strategic landscape of the hospitality industry. Alex has authored another insightful book, Talent Disruption, which provides a detailed roadmap for building a talent engine powered by AI, big data, and analytics.

Sahar Cain: A tech leader with over 12 years of experience in software development and data science, spearheading innovative technological strategies in hospitality tech. She is currently serving as the Chief Technology Officer at Mogul Hotels and Residences.

Gurvinder Batra: With over three decades of experience, Gurvinder is a Co-Founder and CTO at KiwiTech, contributing to innovation and supporting over 600 portfolio startups.

Foreword by Rakesh Gupta:

“The authors, Alexander Mirza, Sahar Cain, and Gurvinder Batra, have crafted a blueprint for the future, setting the stage for innovation and positive global impact,” said Rakesh Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder of KiwiTech, in his foreword for the book.

Endorsements by Industry Leaders:

“Alex Mirza’s research provides compelling insights for what hospitality stakeholders must do to build human capital and achieve a higher purpose in these extraordinary times.” – Geoff Ballotti, President & CEO, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.

“Alex, Sahar and Gurvinder brilliantly chart a course for the future of the hospitality industry. Their insights into leveraging AI for enhancing customer experiences and advocating sustainable tourism are groundbreaking. This book is an essential read for those seeking to understand and lead in the evolving landscape of global hospitality.”  – Steven E. Orr, CEO, Quasar Markets

Final Words

The book aligns with BLLA’s ethos, presenting a forward-looking perspective on AI in hospitality and appealing to the boutique and lifestyle hotel communities. The future of global hospitality is in AI! Visit KiwiTech’s website to learn more about the book. You can also purchase it directly via Amazon.

About KiwiTech

KiwiTech is the innovation partner of choice for startups, enterprises, and government authorities worldwide. The company combines its strength in established and emerging technologies with its specialized skills across 20+ industries to help its clients unlock new opportunities, drive growth, and secure a sustainable competitive edge.

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